ODIE Recruits Yaqob For “Night Terrific!”

From tracks like “Little Lies” to “North Face,” Toronto-born artist ODIE is proving to be a talented star in the making. His angelic sound is often paired with drifting synths and dainty percussion to envelope listeners in a dreamy soundscape.

ODIE returns to our site with a new single titled “Night Terrific!” featuring Yaqob. His latest release stands as a peak from his forthcoming Analogue album and is another intimate treat for fans to vibe with. ODIE and Yaqob craft an entrancing reminder to live in the moment that leaves us excited to hear the full album.

Stream “Night Terrific!” below and expect Analogue on April 6.


ODIE Previews New Album With “Little Lies”

Rising artist ODIE captivates listeners with both his raps and croons. The Bay Area artist cites inspiration from Fela Kuti, Coldplay, and Kid Cudi, reeling in listeners over the past year with standouts like “Crescendo” and “Trance Dance.”

ODIE makes his W&V debut this week with “Little Lies.” The first peek at his upcoming Analogue album is a truly fleeting escape. Slick guitar melodies and ODIE’s soothing vocals carry the song forward in a sea of bliss. A woozy outro tops off the track as the chorus washes over in waves of deep emotion.

Stream “Little Lies” below.