Ivan Ave Announces New Album With “Fast Forward”

Ivan Ave of Jakarta Records is one of those special gems that continues to place his best foot forward with each release. Following the success of the Kaytranada-produced “Also,” the Oslo-bred artist returns with another pillowy single titled “Fast Forward.” Frequent collaborators Mndsgn and DJ Harrison lay the foundation for Ivan’s sleek rhymes that detail the stakes of time and relationships. The first official single from his forthcoming Every Eye album gleams with talent from all angles, leaving us pining for the full project.

Stream “Fast Forward” below and expect Every Eye on September 29.

Joyce Wrice Serenades With ‘Rocket Science’ EP

Earlier this year, Joyce Wrice captivated listeners with her Stay Around EP, a proper exhibition of her vocal talents sweetened by production from the likes of Mndsgn and SiR. Since then, the SoCal artist has shared the stage with the likes of Xavier Omär and Jeff Bernat, returning today with a duet of tracks for us to indulge in. As a collaborative effort with singer-songwriter Kay Franklin and Mndsgn, Rocket Science is an organic culmination of their creative talents. The opening title track hypnotizes with Joyce’s seductive vocals and Mndsgn’s underwater-like combo of synths and percussion, feeding into the groovy “Play Pretend.” The trio constructs an infectious mix of R&B, soul, and funk throughout, leaving us more than stoked to watch their solo and joint efforts in the near future.

Stream Rocket Science below and grab your vinyl copy via Stones Throw and Akashik.

Mndsgn Shares His Latest Album, ‘Body Wash’

Following 2014’s Yawn ZenMndsgn has revealed his latest album, Body Wash. His second full-length release with Stones Throw Records features previous singles “Cosmic Perspective” and “Use Ya Mind (Twentyfourseven),” showcasing a mix of funk, jazz, and soul. Mndsgn highlights his skills as both a vocalist and producer, pairing his soft croons with a large palette of woozy synths and echoing melodies. As each of the 16 tracks feed seamlessly into the next, Body Wash creates a galactic ambience for an overall smooth listen.

Stream Body Wash below and grab your copy here.