Dae Zhen is Far From Finished | “Sorry I Never Put Shit Out” (Stream)

That’s okay, Dae– this track will hold us for a bit.

Dae Zhen of Los Angeles is a multi-talented microphone-killer that oscillates between belting passionate lines and reciting seemingly effortless, rapid-fire verses laced with poetry and metaphors galore. I first discovered Zhen when he opened for Queens satirist/MC hybrid Awkwafina at UCSD’s the Loft last December; needless to say, I’ve been hooked ever since. With his debut solo project, Women & Wordplay, now an edge over one year young, his fans have been (im)patiently waiting for more.


Last night Zhen gave us a new track via the currently in-flux SoundCloud titled, “Sorry I Never Put Shit Out.” The latest cut features Zhen doing what he does best: blending his singing with wordplay-filled raps over production from his close friend Mike Derenzo of Venice Beach. Subtle guitar strumming (likely played by Young Dae himself) topped off with piano melodies and Zhen’s piercing vocals definitely makes this a memorable cut that continues to generate hype for him as he progresses in the industry.

Derenzo is one of the prominent forces behind many of Zhen’s projects, from Women & Wordplay to Zhenny’s latest compilation, B-Sides, which features a few tracks that weren’t exactly suited for his upcoming album. Regardless, each track is solid and only makes me more stoked to hear what makes the final cut! The two have a symbiotic relationship that produces nothing less of dope music.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dae’s upcoming album.

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