Cautious Clay Taps IAMNOBODI For “Cold War” Remix

Earlier this year, Cautious Clay emerged into the scene with his self-produced single titled “Cold War.” Following up with “Joshua Tree,” the New York artist continues to impress with his tender sound.

Germany’s Soulection representative IAMNOBODI recently unveiled his own spin of “Cold War.” The fresh flip is just as enjoyable as the original, accentuating Clay’s serene vocals with sparse piano chords and trickling percussion. The duo combines their talents to create a truly emotional journey through a forest that’ll have you vibing along.

Stream IAMNOBODI’s remix of “Cold War” below.

IAMNOBODI Flips Smino’s “Runnin”

Smino and his Zero Fatigue collective continue to grow with each release. Following last week’s stacked collab with Jean Deaux and Sángo, the St. Louis artist has teamed with  IAMNOBODI to deliver a flip of “Runnin,” featuring Jay2AintShit. The Soulection producer offers his own set of hard-hitting percussion and slick synths, giving the blkjuptr track his own flair.

Stream their remix of “Runnin” below and revisit the rest of blkjuptr here.

IAMNOBODI: Twitter // SoundCloud

Smino: Twitter // SoundCloud