DUCKWRTH Is Back With A Bang In “Fall Back”

DUCKWRTH is a true ball of energy that’s not afraid to embrace his individuality with open arms. Raised by the streets of South Central Los Angeles, DUCKWRTH bounces between funk-filled grooves, clever raps, and head-thrashing punk while also exploring his love for fashion and design. The W&V alumni took another leap forward in his sound with an XTRA UUGLY mixtape late last year, especially with highlights “THROWYOASSOUT” and “TAMAGOTCHI,” while also joining What So Not on his national tour.

DUCKWRTH is back on our pages today with “Fall Back,” his latest single and the first taste of his new Falling Man album slated for later this year. His rockstar confidence is paired with high-octane production from Two Fresh that’s sure to have you moshing in your living room. DUCK also teamed up with Vevo DSCVR to bring the track to life with Kingjet of Two Fresh and Anthony Dragons, delivering a truly incredible performance with a special switch-up at the end.

Check out the video and the dates from his upcoming headlining tour below.



Don’t Sleep Vol. 1 | Music Videos

[Cover image shot by Cam Robert]

This past week has definitely been another one for the books. Amidst albums from Kali UchisSaba, and ODIE just to name a few, many W&V favorites also shared new sets of visuals for us to enjoy. To help sift through all the dope stuff that dropped, below are five music videos you should definitely peep.

Duckwrth – “TAMAGOTCHI”

Duckwrth is a natural bundle of energy that’s well on his way to getting the recognition he deserves. In the Lino Asana-directed video, the purveyor of funkwave whips through the Mojave flexing his control of the rap game in the latest set of visuals from his XTRA UUGLY mixtape. “Tamagotchi” is perfect for both open road cruising and no holds barred mosh pits.

Sylvan LaCue – “Empathy” (ft. BJRNCK)

Sylvan LaCue is a well-seasoned warrior in the rap game. Earlier this year, the Miami-raised artist unveiled his Apologies In Advance album, guiding listeners through a spectrum of emotions through his skills on the mic and on the boards. “Empathy” is another snapshot from the story brought to life by his right-hand director Jonathan Benavente. Topped off with silky vocals with BJRNCK, this is another beautifully crafted video from the WiseUp crew.

Little Simz – “Morning” (ft. Swooping Duck)

From touring with Gorillaz to her own headlining tour next month, Little Simz has kept busy spreading good vibes all around. King Simbi gives us a peak at tour life in “Morning,” which features her venting over jazzy rhythms from Australia’s own Swooping Duck. Directors Versetti and Jeremy Cole, If you haven’t already, be sure to peep the deluxe version of Stillness In Wonderland.

Ciscero – “Function” (ft. GoldLink, April George, Cheakity)

With his Devil’s Pie EP on the way, Ciscero is back with the latest visuals from the project. Director Michael Bregenzer gives “Function” a truly cinematic feel that captures the harsh truth of the DMV streets when a seemingly fun night turns sour. Ciscero, April George, and Cheakity highlight their sonic chemistry over production from Supah Mario. Also be sure to check out the original track featuring a verse from GoldLink.

Gallant – “Gentleman”

Gallant has been fairly quiet in terms of releases since his stellar Ology album dropped back in 2016, but the Los Angeles crooner returns with another spine-chilling release. “Gentleman” is equal parts sensual and alluring that we love from Gallant, oozing with unfiltered passion. Director Sasha Samsonova paints Gallant in a steel blue hue as he delivers an echoing falsetto that’s sure to have you grooving along.

DUCKWRTH Challenges Societal Norms On “BOY”

Laced with his endearing energy, DUCKWRTH continues to dazzle with each release. The multitalented artist continues to evolve his sound, most notably with his new track titled “BOY.” DUCKWRTH’s latest Alexander Spit-produced tune builds upon the theme of self-love and embracing individuality that carries throughout much of his discography. As he explores dissolving the barriers of societal norms and constructs, DUCKWRTH pieces together another elegant masterpiece that’ll please new fans and familiar faces alike.

“BOY” will appear on DUCKWRTH’s forthcoming XTRA UUGLY mixtape, out later this year. Also be sure to revisit his first release of 2017 “AROUUND THE WORLD” and our interview with DUCKWRTH.


Building upon the success of last year’s I’M UUGLY album, DUCKWRTH returns with “AROUUND THE WORLD.” The track celebrates the recent launch of his BOY collection, a fashion line dedicated to embracing individuality. DUCKWRTH’s bouncy and undeniable flow is paired with talent from close collaborators Channel Tres and Sad Money, who lay a foundation of impressive synth work for his relentless verses. Topped off with a refrain honoring “booty sweat and Jheri curls,” DUCKWRTH is back with a warm welcome that leaves us excited to hear more in the near future.

Stream and download “AROUUND THE WORLD” below and grab the latest from the BOY collection.

DUCKWRTH Shares Latest Visuals For “I’M DEAD”

Fresh off a string of shows at SXSW last week, DUCKWRTH is back with the latest visuals from I’M UUGLY. “I’M DEAD” recruits Los Angeles singer-songwriter Sabrina Claudio for a bouncy, Sad Money-produced tune that highlights DUCKWRTH’s infectious flow and was recently brought to life by Young Man. The visuals circle DUCKWRTH in an eerie warehouse, accompanied by a few dancers to match his energy.

Check out the video for “I’M DEAD” below and revisit the visuals for “GET UUGLY.”

Artist Interview: DUCKWRTH Helps Us Love The UUGLY

Back in 2015, DUCKWRTH led us on an adventure to Nowhere with The Kickdrums, blurring the lines between hip-hop, electronic, and rock. Balancing ethereal slow jams like “Indica La Roux” with mosh pit-inducing headbangers like “Skank,” the project showcases his genre-bending sound and malleable flow. The purveyor of funk wave has since continued to hone his wide range of artistic ventures, including graphic design and fashion, leading to the release of his debut LP that officially drops today, I’M UUGLY.

DUCK builds upon previous singles “GET UUGLY” and “Rare Panther + Beach House” with a complete collection of lush soundscapes, sweetened by guest appearances from Sabrina ClaudioGeorgia Anne Muldrow, and Hodgy Beats. His journey laced with synths, funk, and eclectic percussion expands upon tropes of love, mosh-pits, and life in South Central Los Angeles. Press play below, pick up your copy via iTunes, and check out our full interview with DUCK after the jump.


DUCKWRTH is an alien entity that crashed landed in South Central Los Angeles and was raised by two women, one with the last name of Duckwrth. This alien entity ’til this day tries to blend in with society, but fails miserably. He does what he knows best and creates art that reflects his native planet, the Fifth Nebula, and combines those stories with his experiences on Earth. I could tell you more, but I think he’d prefer if I didn’t.

Having traveled from LA to San Francisco to New York, how has each area influenced your life/career, and is there one you prefer over others?

LA is for guud weather, guud music, cool girls and low-riders. The Bay is for the creatives. The ones who want to create with no boundaries or barriers. The ones who want to find other aliens like themselves.

NY is for the workers. The ones who want to take what they create to a whole new level. NY teaches a young alien how to hustle and how to become more than an artist, but more specifically, a brand. Because I’ve learned so much from all three places, I have no favorites, but I do prefer to be in places where there are trees and guud harvest (fruit and women).

You’ve said that the first song you can remember is “Phantom of the Opera.” What kind of music were you listening to growing up, and who are some of your musical influences today?

I grew up listening to classical composers and orchestras, along with a shit ton of gospel—this of course made me even more alien. Today I listen to myself, my peers and garage punk when an alien needs to get a bit skummy.

You draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese culture, as reflected in your music, fashion, and even the stylization of your name. What attracts you to this world?

I am a futurist that appreciates vintage guuds. Tokyo’s (Japan’s) culture is big on future innovation—inventions that move us into the next plateau of existence—from fashion and technology to culinary and art. If I could embody that as an artist in the States, I’d be dumb ass lit [laughs]. Simply put.


What exactly is funk wave?

Funk wave is a genre of feeling. Funk music itself has a certain deep spirit to it, and when played, a feeling of euphoria hits and the listener’s face starts to frown up. They frown, not because they are sad, but because they feel. Funk wave can be any genre, as long as there’s that deep UUGLY’ness one feels while listening—that’s funk wave.

From music and fashion to graphic design, you’re involved in just about every avenue of art. How did you get started, and is there a medium you prefer?

I got started in creation itself at a young age. I knew I wanted to do fashion when I started designing clothes in high school and had my first fashion show at my sister’s college. I was so young and stoked on life. My models I had walking were taking their clothes off right in front of me. I knew I picked the right occupation [laughs]. Music was always around, being that most of my family is musicians. I didn’t want to do music in college though—I just wanted to be an ill fashion/graphic designer. But music kept popping up in my life in numerous ways & before I knew it, I was in my first hip hop band. The rest is history. I hold no medium of art over the other because it’s all design to me.

What form of personal growth have you experienced with I’M UUGLY?

UUGLY is about acceptance. Learning graphic design made me a meticulous creator, but the day I started accepting that nothing will ever be perfect and it’s actually the textures of life that make shit individual, I just stopped caring about being so pretty, i.e. I’M UUGLY.

What do you want listeners to take away from the project?

I want them to transmute their textures of life—either being gapped tooth, clef lip, big nose, flat ass, freckled face, skinny legs, etc.—into something beautiful. I feel like more of an individual now that I have a gapped tooth smile, and that makes an even greater feeling of being the only DUCKWRTH in this world.

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You’ve also released a line of merch in support of I’m Uugly. Tell us about the thought process behind these wearables.

The thoughts behind the merch is to mix vibrant colours with colors you wouldn’t usually match together. I feel the color brown is amazing, and I don’t see enough people using that color palette in art and fashion. So, I use the funk out of brown in my garments. And not to flex, but I think I do an awesome job at it. Or was that too UUGLY? [laughs]

As an artist, live performances are one of many aspects that can set you apart from the rest. What’s your approach to performing, and do you have any pre-show rituals?

My approach to performance is to leave everything on the stage—whether the audience funks with it or not, they can’t say I didn’t give my all. I’m also big on crowd interaction. They barely know me in most cases. I like breaking that wall down so we can hurry up and have fun already. My pre-show ritual is bumping Bad Brains hella loud and head banging a couple times before I go out. Sometimes I pray.

You recently wrapped up touring with Anderson .Paak and his crew. How did that come about, and how has life been on the road?

Anderson and I come from the same planet. He reminds me of what life is like there and how I can make the art I create on Earth move bigger crowds and affect people enough to want to press replay again and again.

Photo 5 by Dustin Mulstay.jpg

What’s next for DUCKWRTH?

I need a brand new house. I need an Uber sponsorship. I need a foreign chick that speaks 10 dialects. Next is an I’M UUGLY tour and hopefully an UUGLY app.

What advice do you have for the aspiring creatives out there?


Anything else you’d like to add?

God loves the UUGLY.

DUCKWRTH: Website // SoundCloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

DUCKWRTH Takes To The Forest In “Rare Panther + Beach House”

With his I’M UUGLY EP on the horizon, DUCKWRTH has returned with his latest set of visuals from the project. “Rare Panther + Beach House” was produced by Sad Money and ChannelTres, capturing DUCK’s infectious funkwave sound and building upon his previous singles “Lowridr” and “GET UUGLY.”

Directed by Lino Asana, the video follows DUCK and Kayla Blackmon as they embark on a five-minute joyride. “Rare Panther” kicks off in the forest and their house to themselves before taking to the oceanside with tin can telephones in “Beach House.” The trope of unfiltered love permeates the double track’s adventure-filled visuals, serving as a reminder to embrace affection and intimacy.

Check out the video below stay tuned for I’M UUGLY, out September 23.

DUCKWRTH Reels In Listeners With “Rare Panther + Beach House”

In the midst of touring with Anderson .Paak, the multitalented DUCKWRTH has returned with a double track to hold us down. “Rare Panther + Beach House” was premiered this past weekend on Noisey‘s Beats 1 Radio, and stands as another taste of his upcoming project, I’m Uugly.

“Rare Panther” is DUCK’s spin on a love song with a funk wave feel, showcasing his borderless sound as he glides over suave production from Sad Money. The track also shares the same name as the classic streetwear brand, which DUCK has continued to support over the past few years. Segueing into “Beach House,” a wavy outro drawing talent from close collaborator Channel Tres, DUCK’s poetic lines dance with plucked melodies and mellow percussion.

Stream “Rare Panther / Beach House” below and stay tuned for more info on I’M UUGLY. If you missed them, be sure to revisit “Lowridr” and “Get Uugly.”

DUCKWRTH Drops Off “Mansion Freestyle”

While he adds the finishing touches to his upcoming I’M UUGLY project, DUCKWRTH is holding us down with his brief and sweet “Mansion Freestyle.” The purveyor of funk and suave glides over groovy production from ChannelTres, delivering swift verses with his blend of singing and rapping. Refusing to be boxed-in, the multitalented genre-bender continues to evolve his sound with each release.

As the title suggests, his latest freestyle was recorded at the Sour Patch Mansion in Los Angeles, a home away from home for indie musicians to stay. DUCKWRTH is the latest addition to the growing list of talent that the residency has housed since its founding, including Hiatus KaiyoteTwo FreshGallant, and many more.

Learn more about the Patch House and throw this new DUCKWRTH on repeat. In case you missed them, be sure to check out “Lowridr” and “GET UUGLY.”

DUCKWRTH: Twitter // SoundCloud

DUCKWRTH Builds Momentum In His “Lowridr”

Fresh off the release of “GET UUGLY” and a slew of tour dates supporting Anderson .Paak, DUCKWRTH has given us another taste of his upcoming project, I’M UUGLY. As its title suggests, “Lowridr” is the perfect soundtrack for late-night cruising. Close collaborator Ru AREYOU lays a smooth foundation for DUCKWRTH to weave between swift verses and an infectious hook. Also along for the ride is Alyssa Bernal, who laces the chorus and outro with her silky vocals.

Get hyped for I’M UUGLY below, out later this year. Also, be sure to check out his latest line of merch in support of the project.

DUCKWRTH: Twitter // SoundCloud

Ru AREYOU: Twitter // SoundCloud

Alyssa Bernal: Twitter // SoundCloud