Indulge In cehryl’s ‘wherever it may be’ EP

Roughly a year after the release of her does this make sense EP with kwame, Hong Kong-born and Los Angeles-based artist cehryl returns with her latest release, wherever it may be. The self-produced four-track outing builds upon lead single “Side Effects,” radiating with her gentle croons and soothing soul. Topped off with additional instrumentation from Alex Szotak and NASAYA, each song resembles a late night by the fireplace. cehryl explores everything from feeling out of place to reminiscing about the past, culminating in a seriously sweet bundle of warm energy.

cehryl also shared her insight on the project:

This EP was written as a small bittersweet parting gift to the East Coast and to post-adolescence; it was written to embrace upcoming change as well as the fear that accompanies it. I started and finished it in the middle of summer; the mid-summer always seems to provide the perfect atmosphere for reflection—especially in Boston—with people moving in, moving out, and moving on, which is essentially what this project symbolizes to me.

Peep wherever it may be below via Fête Records.