Caleborate Vents On “4 Willem” Via Kinda Neat

Caleborate brought his soulful verses to Kinda Neat to perform “4 Willem.” The Real Person track was produced by his righthand Willem Ardui, who also offered his production on tracks like “Get The Green” and “Caught Up.” Caleb’s vivid storytelling culminates in a passionate performance imbued with his skillful pen. He reinforces the idea of keeping a level head to pierce through the bullshit of the industry and the perils of life.

In his conversation with Intuition, Caleb speaks on his roots, transitioning from basketball to rap, and his recent accolades. Check out the performance of “4 Willem” and the full interview with Caleborate below.


Caleborate Lays Himself Bare On “Real Person”

Berkeley’s favorite son Caleborate has worked hard to put the city on over the last few years, dropping projects such as Hella Good and 1993 showcasing his ability on the mic and paying homage to his roots and supporters. Both projects looked toward the future as Caleb continues to build himself and grow into the Bay music scene overflowing with talent.

Caleborate’s latest release, Real Person, is a major departure from the previous two projects. Where Hella Good and 1993 offered hints of Caleb’s ability to wax introspective, Real Person is a project completely centered around authenticity and candor. His ability to lay himself bare over the track does not come at the cost of any content and results in his most comprehensive project to date.

Real Person sheds the ornaments that adorn the current wave of hip-hop. The project carries few features apart from 1-O.A.K.Donte Thomas, and MVCK, as well as guest vocals from Alexis Angulo. The instrumentals are laid back and cohesive, dropping multiple vocals layers and samples in favor of a more simplistic approach. It works. Real Person focuses on the essentials of production and songwriting, allowing Caleborate’s voice to reverberate throughout.

This would not be possible without the quality Caleb brings to his bars. He pens a eulogy for himself over fantastic production from names such as Lege Kale, Ian McKee, Willem ArduiDrew Banga, and a few others. Caleborate’s familiarity with his producers is another driving force of the project. Their ability to translate their visions into reality sustain what would be a daunting concept in others’ hands.

Caleborate talks living, legacy, mental state, drive, ambition and more on the project, even tackling the complexities of current politics on “Down.” Caleborate fleshes out the roots of his ambitions and traces his trajectory all the way back to his parent’s divorce on the standout track “Wanna Be.” His phenomenal singles “Soul” and “Bankrobber” also make an appearance on the project.

Real Person is a story of life, obstacles, anxieties and dreams. The multiplicity of topics that Caleb tackles over the course of the 10-track album coalesce into one concept: the real person. Caleborate strips himself down to create music on a human level that reflects the humility that has endeared him to so many fans.

Caleborate continues to push forward, already releasing visual content and hosting listening parties to celebrate the new project. Let him take you away with Real Person on SoundCloud below.



Caleborate Makes Triumphant Return With “Soul”

Caleborate‘s already dropped off a few gems this year like “Make Me & Take Me” and “Produced By J.Cole,” but his latest is truly a special treat. Produced by Lege Kale, “Soul” stands as the first taste of Caleborate’s forthcoming album. The Bay Area icon crafts a reminder to stay true and challenge yourself, recognizing his day one fans along the way. He drifts with each verse and holds it down on the hook, backed by Lege Kale’s hard-hitting production. Caleborate is kicking off the fourth quarter with a bang that leaves us yearning for the full project when it drops later this year.

Stream “Soul” below.

Caleborate Takes Us To The Bank In “Make Me & Take Me”

There’s no doubt that Caleborate stands as one of the most promising artists rising out of the Bay right now. Following the success of last month’s “Produced By J. Cole,” the Berkeley rep is back with “Make Me & Take Me.” His latest outing features soulful production from close collaborators Mikos Da GawdP-Lo, and Drew Banga, allowing Caleb to sit comfortably in the pocket with his one-take flow. Caleb comes through with some serious bars and emphasizes the meaning of “real music,” a frequent topic of debate especially in the realm of hip-hop.

Caleb also unveiled a self-directed video for the track, following him from BART to the bank as he delivers his verses in the streets. Join Caleb in “Make Me & Take Me” below.

Caleborate’s “Produced By J. Cole” Is Brutally Honest

Amidst his flurry of features for the likes of Nef the Pharaohblackwave., and Lil DadsCaleborate drops off a new single titled “Produced By J. Cole.” As his first solo offering since his status update “Good Great,” the Berkeley rep reflects on his progression over the past few years. His undeniable drive permeates throughout the track as he delivers his passionate verses over a loop of a beat that Cole previewed in his recent HBO documentary, 4 Your Eyez Only.

Alongside the song, Caleb also shared a letter detailing his high school years, how he’s been inspired by Cole’s music from the jump, and his new mindset for 2017 and beyond.

Read Caleb’s letter about the track here and stream “Produced By J. Cole” below.

Caleborate Celebrates With TBKTR In “Consequences”

With 1993 having stayed in heavy rotation since its release last month, Caleborate has returned with the first set of visuals from the album. Director Adrian Per follows Caleb and the TBKTR crew sharing the energy in Los Angeles as they stroll around town and flex on the competition. The video was filmed during their recent tour with P-Lo and Noodles, featuring wavy production from Julia Lewis to round out the track and a peak inside Caleb’s life.

Chill, smoke, drink, and be cool below and revisit 1993. Also, check out the full premiere via EARMILK.

Cal-A Recruits Rexx Life Raj, Jay Ant & Caleborate For “Broke No More”

[Art by @veeejzilla]

Following a pair of remixes for “Real One,” Cal-A has returned with another stacked collab titled “Broke No More.” His latest single stands as a testament to leave the days of empty pockets in the past, pairing his thumping production with verses from verses Rexx Life RajJay Ant, and Caleborate. Each of the Bay Area talents radiate confidence over an upbeat bass-line and hard-hitting percussion, culminating in the perfect start to the weekend.

Stream “Broke No More” below.

Caleborate Gives A Status Update With “Good Great”

As the fourth quarter of 2016 unfolds, there is no shortage of dope music rising from around the world. In the Bay Area especially, many W&V favorites like Caleborate, Elujay, and Rexx Life Raj are leading the pack with a refreshing blend of sounds.

Today, Caleb is adding to the melting pot with “Good Great,” his first single following the undeniable success of 1993. TBKTR pens a status update to his mother and fans, detailing his progression from working retail to bringing his dreams to fruition with longevity in mind. His bouncing flow and catchy hooks radiate a balance between confidence and introspection over upbeat production from Kuya, culminating in another energy-filled showcase from the TBKTR family.

Stream “Good Great” below and revisit his track with Will Fraker, “Can’t Read.”

Caleborate Speaks With Thizzler On ‘1993’

With his 1993 album having stayed in heavy rotation since its Complex premiere on Sunday, there’s no doubt that Caleborate has another golden project under his belt. TBKTR recently spoke with Thizzler on the meaning behind the album and its title, detailing generational differences and how blessed we are to have such a wide range of tools at our disposal.

Check out the interview below and revisit 1993.

If you’re in the Bay, be sure to catch Caleborate performing at Hiero Day on September 5, alongside SiriElujay, and more. Peep the full lineup below and grab your tickets here.


Caleborate Ascends With New Album, ‘1993’

W&V favorite Caleborate is carving his own lane on his road bike. Over the past year, the ambitious Berkeley-bred artist has risen as one of the leading talents of the Bay, spilling introspective verses we can all relate to. It’s been a tremendous pleasure to watch his progression from the days of #theusualWinter Break, and breakout album Hella Good.

To jumpstart the fourth quarter, TBKTR has returned with 1993. The triumphant 14-track offering showcases a refinement of his sound and inimitable cadence, as well as an expansion of his vocal range. Caleb details his experiences and prospects for the future, shedding light on student loans, gentrification and his journey to success. With production from Mikos Da GawdJulia Lewis, and Cal-A, his down-to-earth rhymes leave no stone unturned as they float over a blend of soulful and synth-heavy soundscapes. Guest appearances from his blood brother Cash CampainPell, and Sylvan LaCue round out the project, culminating in another beautifully-crafted album from TBKTR.

Stream 1993 below and grab your copy via iTunes.