Indulge In cehryl’s ‘wherever it may be’ EP

Roughly a year after the release of her does this make sense EP with kwame, Hong Kong-born and Los Angeles-based artist cehryl returns with her latest release, wherever it may be. The self-produced four-track outing builds upon lead single “Side Effects,” radiating with her gentle croons and soothing soul. Topped off with additional instrumentation from Alex Szotak and NASAYA, each song resembles a late night by the fireplace. cehryl explores everything from feeling out of place to reminiscing about the past, culminating in a seriously sweet bundle of warm energy.

cehryl also shared her insight on the project:

This EP was written as a small bittersweet parting gift to the East Coast and to post-adolescence; it was written to embrace upcoming change as well as the fear that accompanies it. I started and finished it in the middle of summer; the mid-summer always seems to provide the perfect atmosphere for reflection—especially in Boston—with people moving in, moving out, and moving on, which is essentially what this project symbolizes to me.

Peep wherever it may be below via Fête Records.

Chuck II Drops Off “Murder Scene”

Chuck II continues to slowly but surely add his voice to a Bay Area music scene that is dripping with talent. While this influx of exciting artists means only good things for the future, it has created healthy competition to reach airwaves. Many fail to set themselves apart. Deuce is not one of them. Since his smash hit “Wass Hannin‘” dropped, Chuck’s voice and style has racked him thousands of listeners on Soundcloud alone. His latest release, “Murder Scene,” proves that he has more to offer listeners beyond what he brought on “Was Hannin’.”

“Murder Scene” features hard hitting production from No Luck, which hints back to the classic hyphy vibes that Deuce connected with on “Wass Hannin.'” Chuck thrives on his ability to bring his relaxed, new school flows over more nostalgic instrumentals without losing any punch in his bars. “Murder Scene” sets a pace from the start, knocking heavy up to the bridge that Chuck delivers with a composed determination and confidence. Linking up with W&V, Deuce described how he tries to lay himself out on in his bars.

“I started letting words out and it turned into me simultaneously flaunting and accepting my ego with the bravado of mob boss.”

The role that “Murder Scene” plays in a greater context will be fleshed out more when Chuck drops his full album. For now, sit back and bounce with Chuck’s laid back swagger that belies his young career.

IDK’s ‘IWASVERYBAD’ Exceeds The Hype

IDK recently culminated years of stellar mixtapes with his first major studio album, IWASVERYBAD. Never one to sugarcoat his story, IDK uses the album to reveal even more about himself than ever before. Backed by Adult Swim, the rapper finally had the support and resources to fully integrate the highly conceptual audio-visual experience he has incorporated into all of his projects. IDK’s talent on the mic and as a crafter of narrative is bolstered by an all-star supporting cast of DoomYung GleeshChief KeefSwizz Beatz, and more. The execution is immaculate. From his “episodic” releases of songs to the very content of the album, IWASVERYBAD is a reflection of the immense talent that is IDK.

IDK opens the album with “Mrs. Lynch, Your Son Is The Devil,” a self-analytic joint that opens with phone calls to his mother from teachers, community leaders, and police officers warning her that her son is a menace to society. The song follows suit, with IDK putting himself, his actions, and his drives in the spotlight. This type of gritty, stripped down tone is what drew listeners to IDK on his previous projects Subtrap and The Empty Bank, projects on which Jay turned his critical eye on the state of society, hip hop, and more. On IWASVERYBAD, it’s his turn on under the microscope. IDK raps “I’m trying to right my wrongs, but I’m sorry the same wrongs helped me write these songs.” This complex perspective is central to IDK’s message, which he took to social media to explain in more depth.

“Most people lie about their past or make up stories to look like someone they ain’t…this story is the truth. The good the bad and the in between. From the dumb s**t I did trying to be cool and even the way I treated women including my own mom. This is the soundtrack to my life and what makes me who I am today. I hope you can feel this shit the way I did.”

IDK dives right back into this with “Pizza Shop Extended,” the story of his forays into gang life as told by himself, Doom, Yung Gleesh, and Del the Funky Homosapien. Yet another track where IDK pulls no punches, “Pizza Shop” examines why Jay took the path he did, his choices, regrets, and what he continues to learn from the experience. The overwhelming realism of the track is in no means a glorification of the violence – rather, IDK presents the facts as they are, not excusing himself but not turning a blind eye either.

This is the a driving theme of the album. Put best by the man himself, IWASVERYBAD is “soundtrack to my life and what makes me who I am today.” IDK writes himself into the album, which is as strong overall as it is song to song. As introspective and conceptually impressive as the album is, it’s also full of bangers top to bottom. IDK enlists Chief Keef on “17 Wit a 38,” but also shows he can do it by himself tracks like “Windows Up,” and the groovy hit “Birds & the Bees.” IDK is a master of variety. Each track on the album feels like it has its own purpose, as well as a function within the larger context of the album. The result is an incredibly cohesive album that is also noteworthy on the individual level as well.

IDK goes crazy on IWASVERYBAD. The album is an reintroduction to a rapper we thought we already knew and the quintessential example of how to bring a concept in to reality. Tune in on Spotify below.

Rayana Jay’s ‘Morning After’ EP Is Sonic Gold

From her impressive Sorry About Last Night EP to collaborative efforts with the likes of Caleborate and Sylvan LaCue, Rayana Jay showers her fans with endless waves of soul. Building upon previous singles like “Magic” and “Sunkissed,” Rayana’s Morning After EP picks up where Sorry About Last Night left off. The Richmond-born songstress explores the duality of love and her personal experiences with balancing relationships. Rayana embellishes production from ROMderfulKev Choice, and Drew Banga with her silky vocals and warm energy, topped with a saucy verse from Innanet James on the closing track “Play Thing.” Needless to say, Morning After is a major dose of sonic goodness that’ll have you hooked.

Stream Morning After and relive her recent show at The New Parish after the jump.

Princess Nokia Leaps Forward With ‘1992 Deluxe’

[Words by Camille Latzke]

It’s been a month since the release of the expanded album 1992 Deluxe and Destiny Frasqueri (aka Princess Nokia) continues to turn heads as she both gracefully and aggressively shares what’s been on her mind. From songs like “Bart Simpson” to “Brujas,” Princess Nokia’s pride for her Afro-Latina roots and her Spanish Harlem upbringing is passionately narrated.

Conversations integrated within her music are elaborated in a radio show she also created, Smart Girls Club. Designed as a “platform for spiritual wellness, divine healing, educational magic and afro indigenous identity” (Instagram), Princess Nokia continues to inspire and empower feminist, activist, and bruja communities around the world.

Also be sure to check out how Princess Nokia is taking big leaps towards relief for Puerto Rico in her recent video “The Seven Sirens Healing Camp for Disaster Relief Of Puerto Rico.”

Caleborate Lays Himself Bare On “Real Person”

Berkeley’s favorite son Caleborate has worked hard to put the city on over the last few years, dropping projects such as Hella Good and 1993 showcasing his ability on the mic and paying homage to his roots and supporters. Both projects looked toward the future as Caleb continues to build himself and grow into the Bay music scene overflowing with talent.

Caleborate’s latest release, Real Person, is a major departure from the previous two projects. Where Hella Good and 1993 offered hints of Caleb’s ability to wax introspective, Real Person is a project completely centered around authenticity and candor. His ability to lay himself bare over the track does not come at the cost of any content and results in his most comprehensive project to date.

Real Person sheds the ornaments that adorn the current wave of hip-hop. The project carries few features apart from 1-O.A.K.Donte Thomas, and MVCK, as well as guest vocals from Alexis Angulo. The instrumentals are laid back and cohesive, dropping multiple vocals layers and samples in favor of a more simplistic approach. It works. Real Person focuses on the essentials of production and songwriting, allowing Caleborate’s voice to reverberate throughout.

This would not be possible without the quality Caleb brings to his bars. He pens a eulogy for himself over fantastic production from names such as Lege Kale, Ian McKee, Willem ArduiDrew Banga, and a few others. Caleborate’s familiarity with his producers is another driving force of the project. Their ability to translate their visions into reality sustain what would be a daunting concept in others’ hands.

Caleborate talks living, legacy, mental state, drive, ambition and more on the project, even tackling the complexities of current politics on “Down.” Caleborate fleshes out the roots of his ambitions and traces his trajectory all the way back to his parent’s divorce on the standout track “Wanna Be.” His phenomenal singles “Soul” and “Bankrobber” also make an appearance on the project.

Real Person is a story of life, obstacles, anxieties and dreams. The multiplicity of topics that Caleb tackles over the course of the 10-track album coalesce into one concept: the real person. Caleborate strips himself down to create music on a human level that reflects the humility that has endeared him to so many fans.

Caleborate continues to push forward, already releasing visual content and hosting listening parties to celebrate the new project. Let him take you away with Real Person on SoundCloud below.



Brasstracks Previews New Project With “Those Who Know”

With their truly dynamic sonic chemistry, Brasstracks blend avenues of jazz, electronic, and hip-hop to create invigorating tracks. The Brooklyn duo comprised of Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne has teamed up with the likes of VanJess and Khalid in the past, constantly adding to their portfolio of sweet releases.

As the first taste of their forthcoming two-part project, “Those Who Know” is a whipping journey. Their latest single also stands as Ivan’s vocal debut, highlighting yet another one of his many talents. The duo continues to showcase their versatile and genre-bending production, refining their sound each release.

Stream “Those Who Know” below.

Ciscero Connects With April George, Rocket & Joe Smokes For “Go!”

Ciscero keeps on shining with his golden releases. Following one of my favorite tracks from this year titled “Rio” with Jay Prince and FOGGIERAW, the DMV rep returns with “Go!” His latest offering takes a more soulful route akin to “Pressure,” tapping frequent collaborators April GeorgeRocket, and Joe Smokes. Warm keys from Dre Rodner and additional production from MisterNeek creates a soothing collab that oozes with passion.

Keep a close eye on Ciscero and stream “Go!” below.

JULiA LEWiS Taps Elujay, Mr. Carmack & Mikos Da Gawd For “On The Regular”

Having worked with the likes of Rexx Life RajCaleborate, and Elujay, JULiA LEWiS continues to refine his skills with each release. The Bay Area producer returns to W&V today with an all-star collab titled “On The Regular.” Featuring talent from Elujay, Mr. Carmack, and Mikos Da Gawd, his latest offering is the perfect soundtrack for driving around town with the homies. Elujay’s smooth delivery pairs nicely with the bouncy foundation from JULiA Lewis, Carmack, and Mikos, merging their individual talents to create one of my favorite songs this year.

Vibe out the “On The Regular” below.

WRLD Unveils Sweet Remix of Sam Bruno’s “Hello Hater”

At the top of the summer, Arizona native Sam Bruno delivered her debut I AM SAM PT. 1 EP. Using each of the five tracks, the now Los Angeles-based artist crafts a savory bundle of electro-pop for listeners to indulge in. Her debut project stands as the cherry on top to her previous work with the likes of Kanye West, Skrillex, and more.

On the heels of his Kamome Sano remix and Monstercat-released “Drift,” WRLD is giving Sam’s “Hello Hater” a special twist. The Netherlands-bred producer adds his own energy to the song, amplifying the already catchy melodies from the original. Sam’s warm vocals bounce across WRLD’s invigorating production to create a thoroughly refreshing track to jumpstart the week.

Stream WLRD’s remix of “Hello Hater” below.