Rare Panther Drops New Worldwide Capsule

Streetwear brand Rare Panther unveiled some new goodies just in time for the end of summer. Their Worldwide Capsule features two new long-sleeves and a pair of Champion shorts. The long-sleeves are a 100% cotton blend, available in both a white on blue and blue on white colorway. The streetwear brand continues to come through with stylish designs fit for any wardrobe.

Peep the collection below and cop your own while supplies last.



Check Out Sincerity & Concern’s Latest Drop

[Cover image by Sergey Kolivayko]

“Sincerity as an ideal for expressing ourselves and concern as an ideal for listening to others.”

With a simple message to take to heart, Sincerity & Concern is an elegantly-crafted brand you’ll definitely want in your wardrobe. Previewed at last month’s Reindeer Club Live, their latest drop includes several classic tees, an embroidered cap, and a few accessories. The shirts are built from a comfy cotton blend, making for a guaranteed outfit staple. Topped off with a sleek tote bag and clean enamel pin, there’s something for just about everyone in this release.

Be sure to keep a close eye on this San Diego brand as they continue to grow in the near future and cop something over at Sincerity & Concern.

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At The Moment // Spring/Summer 2017 Releases

[Photo by Veeejzilla]

The mans Johnnie is back with a fresh kit of At The Moment releases. The first Spring/Summer installment of ATM features two short sleeve tees, a long sleeve tee, and a revamped tote bag to carry all your daily necessities. Of the new drops, my personal favorite is the Rose tee in cream. Explore the collection below and cop your own here.

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At The Moment // 12.26.16 Releases

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself with a new outfit or five. Local San Diego brand At The Moment is back with their latest drop, featuring a few winter pieces to keep you warm throughout the new season. Alongside new jackets, hats, and pants to wear, ATM has also unveiled a pair of mystery boxes for those feeling lucky. Take a peak at the collection below and grab yourself something nice for the holidays here.

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Rep Rexx Life Raj With These New Tees

Fresh off his performance at Hiero Day, Rexx Life Raj has unveiled a clean set of tees for us to rock. The seven shirts bear a variety of Rexx Life and Father Figure logos designed by Rexx Life Vari and Sanny Bisquerra. Inspired by the album cover and title, FILA, and Fat Slice Pizza, these closet staples will have you repping the Berkeley movement in style.

Take a peak below and grab your own here.


HYPLAND // 8.26.16 Releases

[Cover image by Rahim V. Siddiq]

This time last year, I met flourishing entrepreneur Jordan Bentley for the first time at a Mick Jenkins show in OC. Jordan’s unmistakeable passion and drive is channeled via his HYPLAND clothing brand, which maintains one of the most consistent stream of releases year-round.

The LA-based, globally-worn collective has dropped off their latest set of merch this week, filled with new hats and shirts just in time for the fall season. Take a peek and read more about each piece after the jump:


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The World Countries caps are available in a variety of colors, featuring their text logo embroidered on the front and back, also bearing flags from some of the top countries repping HYPLAND on the side.


The HYPLAND Globe Logo tee returns as a long-sleeve. The staple for any fall/winter wardrobe comes in six colorways.


The Gamers tee draws inspiration from the classic N64 logo and is available in black, white, and grey.


The They’re Everywhere long-sleeves feature a mini logo on the left chest and full back print and is available in black, sand, and white.

Lace up over at their online store.

Michael Christmas // Majin Christmas Hats

As Michael Christmas and Prefuse 73, known together as Fudge, prepare the release of their Lady Parts album next month, you can now rep Christmas with style. The Majin Christmas hats come in a powder blue/pink and a real tree/orange colorway, bearing an embroidered logo on the front and brass buckle closure on the back.

Grab each hat via Bodega and pre-order Lady Parts, out September 9.


Kyle Fabi Releases “Flower Break” Pin

“The hand is holding the flower like you would hold a cigarette. So I replaced something that kills us with something that brings us life or represents life,” – Kyle Fabi

Visual artist and designer Kyle Fabi is one of the dopest out right now. You might recognize his work with SoCal locals JR JarrisSasha Marie, and Choosey, or from his recent feature in GROSS Magazine’s Volume 1.

Kyle recently teamed with local brand Duchy Pins for their first collab. The soft enamel pin brings to life his clean artwork, bearing a red flower and yellow rubber backing.

Grab your pin here, and stay tuned for more from Kyle and Duchy Pins. 

KyleByKyle: Instagram // Twitter // Website
Duchy Pins: Instagram // Twitter // Website

Jazz Cartier // LaFleur Dad Hats

In the midst of his festival run, Jazz Cartier has returned with some new merch. Following his recent Hotel Paranoia and JLF tees, Jacuzzi has dropped off a pair of new dad hats. Each buckled strapback bears an embroidered LaFleur logo and comes in both a black/orange and beige/red colorway.

Both hats are now available for pre-order and will begin shipping August 26. Also, be sure to revisit “Just In Case.”

Artist Interview: Get Familiar With At The Moment

Over the past year, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to interact with many talented creatives from around the world. While Waffle & Vibes has been built upon the foundation of music, I strive to create a platform to showcase creatives of all mediums. As the team continues to grow, we will gradually expand our coverage to more genres and artforms.

To begin our dive into the fashion world, I am more than proud to showcase rising San Diego brand, At The Moment. Drawing inspiration from classics like Ninja Gaiden and Dragon Ball Z, ATM pulls off a clean look with each design, fit for anyone looking some new staples to their wardrobe.

I recently had the opportunity to chop it up with John Kim, one of the many faces behind the brand:

For the new faces out there, please introduce yourself.

What up! Thanks for the interview, Andy! To be honest it’s my first one so I’m really humbled that you asked. My name’s John and I’m working on a project called At The Moment with my friends Veeej, Vanessa, & Kenan. The squad is growing though!

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How did At the Moment come together?

I started thinking about ATM a year ago. I was unsure what to call my brand, so I decided on At The Moment after a few names and giving myself a headache. I just said, “Fuck it, call it ATM.” It means design and do what ever I like at the moment—who cares what anyone thinks?

What do you hope to accomplish with ATM?

Honestly, I’m still figuring that out. The more I think about it, the more I’m coming up with concepts and ideas. For now, I just want it to grow. I have a lot of amazing friends that do talented shit and I love having fun, so it’s really about that. If were not having fun, don’t do it.

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What drew you towards Ninja Gaiden?

Ya know, the 90’s. I love all that shit. I used to play Ninja Gaiden with my brothers and watch cartoons and Power Rangers on Saturdays. Damn, I used to hella fuck with Power Rangers. That would be tight on a t-shirt.

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You recently dropped a new set of Stealth Jackets—tell us more about those.

I designed the Stealth Jacket to be as technical as possible with the resources I have. It’s been through two revisions and I’m working on v.3 currently. It’s really my first jacket I’m proud of!

What are your plans for the future?

The future is uncertain. I’m just glad I have good mentors that I learn from. I want to create a weekly web series were we document all of the shit thats going down right now on planet earth. Especially in San Diego! I want to drop products consistently, meet more people, have fun, and make money doing it. Shout out to Andy for the interview and Hypland for putting me on.

Stay tuned for more from ATM, and check out their current releases on their website and Instagram.