Get a Dose of “Dopamine” w/ Bas & Cozz’s New Video

The dynamic Dreamville duo of Bas and Cozz returns with the visuals for the Too High To Riot standout “Dopamine.”

The clean visual narrative serves to uphold the common thread of positivity and self-worth present throughout the song, depicting a scenic trip around town via the kick and push of a couple of friends.

Feel the “Dopamine” and watch the video below.

This is the first video treatment for Bas’s Too High To Riot since he released the visual for The Hic’s assisted “Ricochet.”



Joni Payne Releases ‘More To Do’ EP With Accompanying Short Film

Ms. Joni Payne gives us a double dip of stimulation with her latest EP More To Do and releases a short film of the same title, featuring a couple of her newest tracks.

The production for the EP was handled entirely by seasoned producer pretty please, co-written by both Joni and pretty please, while the short film was directed by Brendan Calder and Tom MacVicar.

More To Do represents Joni’s growth brought on by the end of a romantic relationship, from wallowing in self-pity to realizing she needs to move on as there is “more to do.” The sounds on the EP show a continuation of her refined style that falls somewhere between classic soul and contemporary R&B, resting in a pleasant matrimony to the stylings of pretty please.

The short film exists as an excerpt of the EP, visually demonstrating the key emotions and moments from the six-track collection, following Payne along her transformation.

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Take A Ride With Isaiah Rashad In His New Video For “Park”

Isaiah Rashad has gifted us with another visual treatment off his debut album The Sun’s Tirade, dropping off the video for “Park”.

The video depicts Zay and company in a vintage coupe, playing strip poker, drinking 40 ounces, and generally acting a fool all while the footage moves slowly in reverse, even following the group along a trip through a car wash.

Take a ride with Isaiah below.

This is Rashad’s latest treatment for The Sun’s Tirade since he dropped a video for “4r Da Squaw” earlier this month.

Julius Gives Us The Intimate Video For “Golden Hour”

The Los Angeles native releases his inaugural music video for his tender piano ballad “Golden Hour,” gracing the 88 keys with a voice thats powerful while caressive.

The video follows Julius while he tours what we can only assume to be his childhood home, showing off pictures from his youth and performing the track on a piano sitting in the foyer. While the sun sets through an ajar front door, he pays homage to the songs title.

Get a taste of Julius’ world and his vocal talent after pressing play below.

This is the latest effort from Julius since he released “Ooo” in late August 2016.

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Forget The Balance & Enjoy The Little Things w/ Isaiah Rashad’s “4r Da Squaw” Video

Isaiah Rashad hits the Santa Monica Pier with his son in the colorful Summer’s day “4r Da Squaw” visuals off his recent debut album, The Sun’s Tirade

The narrative follows Zay and his son as they wander through Pacific Park and take in the sights. All the while, everybody’s bank balance is broadcast above their head. Rashad’s hovers around “$0.00” most of the video, harkening to the hook of the song, which explains Zay’s feelings about enjoying himself after he gets the bills paid.

Enjoy the treatment for “4r Da Squaw” below.

Isaiah Rashad was chosen as W&V’s Artist of the Month for August 2016, after his stellar output of music leading up to the release of The Sun’s Tirade.

GRiZ & Leo Napier Join Forces On “Before I Go”

GRiZ returns to lay down “Before I Go” featuring Leo Napier, a track full of grooves and breaks that blend to old and new of popular music.

With Leo Napier handling the vocal accompaniment with his soul-meets-pop style, GRiZ arranges the instrumental with punchy drums, jazzy keys and horns, and even some touches of dubstep to leave the track somewhere in an eddy of bent genres and cut rugs.

Press play and enjoy below.

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TEK.LUN Consents To The Soul On New Track “Aburoy”

The Huh What & Where Recordings producer has returned with a soulful, funky new cut “Aburoy” and we defy you not to shake multiple body parts while it’s playing.

Hyperactive drum patterns dressed with a throwback vocal sample, funk guitar, and jazzy wind instruments compel all the senses to stimulation. The track expertly blends contemporary hip-hop and dance stylings while channeling the energy of classic soul music.

Press play and get down below.

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Isaiah Rashad Is Your Local Money Launderer In “Free Lunch” Music Video

Isaiah Rashad proves there is such a thing as “Free Lunch” in his new music video, so long as you’re willing to pay for it.

The video is set in a laundromat, while Zay and company launder money and accept payment from various hustlers and hopefuls in exchange for a taste of their dreams. In addition to the metaphoric visuals, before video’s end, Rashad confirms the speculation that he is releasing on September 2nd, although we don’t know if it’s an album, mixtape, or something else.

At any rate, stay tuned for more Isaiah news and watch the video for “Free Lunch” below in the meantime.

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Vic Mensa & Joey Purp Black Out On Their “773 Freestyle”

After lighting up Sway In The Morning with a back-and-forth freestyle, Vic Mensa and Joey Purp have blessed us with a souped-up version of the freestyle, fit with bridge and hook sung by Mr. Mensa.

The duo goes in over Papi Beatz production, trading bars about life in the Chi as well as their respective careers and rises to relative fame and acclaim.

Enjoy the new interpretation of the freestyle below.

If you’d like to compare to the original Sway In The Morning cut, press play below.

Joey Purp’s iiiDrops is out now. Vic Mensa’s There’s Alot Going On is available all over the web.