My name is Andy Tran, founder of Waffle & Vibes. I’m currently studying bioinformatics at the University of California, San Diego, though if you ever run into me with my laptop, I’m probably lost on SoundCloud and writing about it. I started W&V with the intention of spreading the word about music, art, and generally anything creative that I enjoy. Since the beginning, shedding light on artists and their work has been and will continue to be the primary focus—not the drama, gossip, and clickbait. I yearn to know more than just lyrics and faces, and strive to uncover the stories, motivations, and aspirations of the creatives we have grown to love.

W&V primarily focuses on hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music, alongside playlists, artist announcements and interviews. As the team continues to grow, we will be expanding our coverage to even more genres, fashion, photography, and more. For the record, W&V has been built from a labor of love—never have and never will we charge creatives to have their work featured on the site. The overarching goal is to create a major platform to showcase creatives of all mediums, complemented with concerts, showcases, and similar events.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the site!

Much love on behalf of the W&V team,
Andy Tran
Founder and Lead Writer