Sylvan LaCue’s Embraces Vulnerability With ‘Apologies In Advance’

From his impressive pen game to equally captivating production skills, Sylvan LaCue does it all. The Miami, FL rep has spent the last two year holding us down with tracks like “Best Me” and “Grateful.” The series of golden self-produced singles segued into Sylvan’s latest album titled Apologies In Advance.

The combo of nine interludes and twelve tracks frames the previous singles in a greater picture modeled after an AA meeting. However, instead of combatting alcoholism, each of the attendees confront their emotional hardships. As each song feeds seamlessly into the next, Sylvan urges listeners to embrace and evolve from vulnerability. Topped with features from Javonte and BJRNCK, Sylvan travels through a spectrum of internal conflicts, unraveling them layer by layer in a beautifully-crafted experience.

Before you dive into the album, make sure you also watch the accompanying short film, “Apology Accepted.”