Stefan Ponce Picks Up Speed Ahead Of Upcoming Album

Whether or not they are aware, most people have heard Stefan Ponce‘s prolific influence as a producer and composer within the last few years. As a Grammy-nominated collaborator with fellow Chicagoans Vic Mensa, BBU, and Chance the Rapper, Ponce has also added his touch on releases by Logic and Childish Gambino over the last four years alone. Stefan’s understated musical nous has allowed other artists to flourish with his aid. Now, the Chicagoan finally steps into the spotlight in preparation for his debut studio album releasing two star-studded tracks that promise only good things for The Boy Who Fell From Earth

Ponce’s first release hit the internet back at the tail end of August. “Super Star,” a bouncy and vibe heavy joint to close out the summer season featured theMINDJulian BellMicah Freeman, and KYLE. “Super Star” is a testament to three things. First, the groovy track shows Ponce’s potential to be a key member of the new school funk revival. Second, “Super Star” demonstrates not only Ponce’s connections in the music industry, but also warrants the respect he commands given his ability recruit and connect the right personnel for the benefit of the song. Finally, Stefan showcases the dimension to his trade, piecing together themes of love, infatuation, and idealism in a coherent and catchy single.

Early October saw Ponce’s most recent release, “For A Girl,” featuring Rejjie SnowMoxie Raia, and the returning Julian Bell. “For A Girl” is more withdrawn than “Super Star,” and spanning give and take between the four. Building buzz for The Boy Who Fell From Earth, “For A Girl” revisits themes of love and self-discovery. Ponce described the process by which the song came to life as more hands off, with Rejjie Snow bringing many of the threads to the forefront.

While there is still no firm deadline for The Boy Who Fell From Earth, it can be expected within the coming few months. Don’t sleep on what could be a potential classic.