Little Simz Hops On Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s “Bombo Fabrika” Remix

A collaboration that few saw coming but all will relish, London’s Little Simz and Brooklyn’s Gabriel Garzón-Montano linked up on a remix of “Bombo Fabrika,” originally a centerpiece of Montano’s 2017 Jardín. An eclectic pair, Gabriel and Simbi linked up at a festival in Japan and began to cook up the collaboration. With styles that many wouldn’t put together right away, the two fit seamlessly with Simz adding her verve to the dazed instrumental that Montano cooked up.

Per Stones Throw Records, Montano and Simz were blown away by each other after both headlining at Taicoclub 2017. The two are as similar as they are dissimilar. Their quality in the studio is matched by a commanding stage presence and incredible live chops. Both boast a masterful musical IQ that speaks through their projects in different ways. Garzón’s work is immaculate and poised, created with a succinct simplicity that is implicit of his innate understanding of music composition. In comparison, Simz’s strength is her lyrical dexterity. She knows her way around instrumentals as well as any other MC, which allows her to incorporate herself into the track uniquely, and create the raw sound that made projects like Stillness in Wonderland so popular.

The combination of Simz and Montano on the track is potent. The swelling instrumental builds around Simz, who adds her own voice to the background at the end of her first verse. Simbi brings the heat she has become known for, gleefully creating complex lyrical schemes to the subtle rework of “Bombo Fabrika.” The duo merge their voices into one at the tail end, layering Simz’s “ain’t so pretty as it seems” refrain over Montano’s original vocals. The two combine in a way that few other artists can; whether it is due to their stylistic similarities or differences, the raw art of the piece cannot be understated.

The rare quality of the collaboration would could trick listeners into believing the duo have worked extensively with each other in the past. We can only hope that, as Montano promises, he and Simz aren’t done working together. Tune in to the “Bombo Fabrika” remix below.