Chuck II Drops Off “Murder Scene”

Chuck II continues to slowly but surely add his voice to a Bay Area music scene that is dripping with talent. While this influx of exciting artists means only good things for the future, it has created healthy competition to reach airwaves. Many fail to set themselves apart. Deuce is not one of them. Since his smash hit “Wass Hannin‘” dropped, Chuck’s voice and style has racked him thousands of listeners on Soundcloud alone. His latest release, “Murder Scene,” proves that he has more to offer listeners beyond what he brought on “Was Hannin’.”

“Murder Scene” features hard hitting production fromĀ No Luck, which hints back to the classic hyphy vibes that Deuce connected with on “Wass Hannin.'” Chuck thrives on his ability to bring his relaxed, new school flows over more nostalgic instrumentals without losing any punch in his bars. “Murder Scene” sets a pace from the start, knocking heavy up to the bridge that Chuck delivers with a composed determination and confidence. Linking up with W&V, Deuce described how he tries to lay himself out on in his bars.

“I started letting words out and it turned into me simultaneously flaunting and accepting my ego with the bravado of mob boss.”

The role that “Murder Scene” plays in a greater context will be fleshed out more when Chuck drops his full album. For now, sit back and bounce with Chuck’s laid back swagger that belies his young career.