Princess Nokia Leaps Forward With ‘1992 Deluxe’

It’s been a month since the release of the expanded album 1992 Deluxe and Destiny Frasqueri (aka Princess Nokia) continues to turn heads as she both gracefully and aggressively shares what’s been on her mind. From songs like “Bart Simpson” to “Brujas,” Princess Nokia’s pride for her Afro-Latina roots and her Spanish Harlem upbringing is passionately narrated.

Conversations integrated within her music are elaborated in a radio show she also created, Smart Girls Club. Designed as a “platform for spiritual wellness, divine healing, educational magic and afro indigenous identity” (Instagram), Princess Nokia continues to inspire and empower feminist, activist, and bruja communities around the world.

Also be sure to check out how Princess Nokia is taking big leaps towards relief for Puerto Rico in her recent video “The Seven Sirens Healing Camp for Disaster Relief Of Puerto Rico.”