Don Mykel Proves Himself On New Album ‘Infinite’

Don Mykel has been exciting listeners this year with an series of stellar singles. “Return of the Don,” “N.W.O.”, and “Hell On Earth” showcased the young rapper’s abilities on the mic. Though Mykel’s most outstanding talent is as a lyricist, past his creative lyrical ability, the Don seems to be able to change his delivery and inflections at will, creating a streamlined and relentless flow over more traditional, conservative instrumentals. Mykel’s pen game cannot be ignored, and really pushes his tracks to the heights they reach. However, it is not just his lyrical ability that takes him to the next level, but a broad skill set that pushes his music through the roof. Infinite is a test of Mykel’s ability to tune into this skill set and create a comprehensive set of tracks.

Mykel passed the test with flying colors. Featuring “N.W.O.” and “Hell on Earth,” Infinite is an entirely different entity to the singles, and gives them a new meaning within the context of the album.

The lyrical overload that Don Mykel has cemented as his calling card is balanced out by more paced, thoughtful tracks. Infinite‘s lead track, “Notorious,” previews what listeners can expect from the album as a whole. With a more outspoken instrumental than he normally employs, Mykel bounces around the track with his typical energy. He deftly switches his direction on the track, slowing down and altering his deliveries before picking the pace mack up to close it off. The ability to grow with and in the beat is a distinct strength of the Don’s. He is the type of dynamic rapper that can cope with a dynamic beat, such as “Notorious.” In this way, Mykel creates a kind of call and response within his tracks, bouncing off of the instrumentals and even himself at times.

The album continues with same ferocity it started with. Mykel is relentless over the track; even his slower bars pack a major punch. Infinite proves a lot about Mykel. Many rappers stylistically similar to Mykel struggle to create a a consistently strong album. Raw talent goes only so far; it can sustain singles but supporting an entire album is a different animal. On Infinite, the Don demonstrates an impressive ability to balance his tracks against each other. The “Levy Grey Interlude” divides the album in half, splitting the tracks into two succinct sections that function both separately together.

With Infinite under his belt, Don Mykel can take the confidence the project will give him and continue proving himself one of Harlem’s most exciting young voices. Keep tabs on him and what he has to offer moving forward from Infinite.

Stream the full project below.