MIKNNA Continue Funk Revival With “MPH”

W&V sweethearts MIKNNA are back with another outstanding single. Since dropping their debut “50/50 (Side A),” the enterprising duo have set off on a traversing national tour. Despite a strenuous tour schedule, MIKNNA have still managed to push out three huge singles including “Mona Lisa,” “Cues,” and their latest, “MPH.”

All three singles have received the overwhelming support and attention they deserve. Since forming and dropping “Trinity Ave” together just over a year ago, Mike B and Ken Nana have held themselves to a level of quality unprecedented of such a relatively young group. While MIKNNA as a group are just beginning their career side by side, Mike and Ken benefit from a long history of working together, both professionally and personally. With styles that one wouldn’t initially put together, MIKNNA is a union that few could have predicted, but that continues to impress.

Mike B has proved himself repeatedly capable of handling the R&B funk tone that Nana’s production invites. His strength lies in this flexibility.  “MPH”  is yet another example of Mike’s control over his own voice. From the loose melodies he covers the track with, Mike deftly switches gear and cruises into an uptempo delivery with the ease of the Camaro pictured in the track’s artwork.

Ken Nana brings his own steez to the track just as easily as Mike. His instrumentals speak out in the track in a way that exceeds standard production. The bright synth and guitar lines are as much part of the song as the vocals. MIKNNA is a duo that relies on balance, and the two artists never seem to lose equilibrium.

MIKNNA continue to drop hit after hit. When their tour wraps at the end of the month hopefully there will be more new stuff to come. Until then, vibe out with “MPH” on soundcloud below.