Don Mykel Drops New Single Ahead of EP

Harlem’s bar-heavy lyricist Don Mykel continues to boost interest in his upcoming EP with banger after banger. Infinite is set to drop September 8th, but the Don has had our attention for a few months now. Mykel’s “Return of the Don” and “N.W.O” singles have cemented his voice as one of the most exciting in the already competitive New York scene. Now imminently approaching the release of what could be a huge album for him, Mykel seems more focused than ever.

“Hell On Earth” is something of a departure from what Mykel has shown recently. His lyrical avalanche remains, but gone is the relentless punching style that he brought on “Return of the Don” and “N.W.O.” Instead, he opts for a more calculated and melodic approach, swinging from bar to bar. “Hell On Earth” is the shortest of the three singles and comes off as a much more deliberate track than other two.

All the tracks that we have heard from the Don, however, benefit from his undeniable lyrical ability. Mykel’s game lies not just in his word choice and delivery, but also in his dexterity and ability to shift his emphasis to fit the bar. Where “Hell On Earth” differs from the previous two singles in tone and style, the techniques remain uniquely similar.

To call Don Mykel’s talent raw seems a bit of a disservice to the MC. Mykel combines a mean pen game with a distinctive voice and delivery into a style that feels raw, but is also very precise. We look forward to hearing more from the young artist.

Stream “Hell On Earth” on SoundCloud below and pre-order Infinite here.