P-Lo Shows Versatility With “More Than Anything”

The Bay Area’s rich musical legacy is sustained by talents that have steadily released content of a reliable and remarkable quality. While artists such as Kehlani have grabbed the spotlight recently, names like P-Lo merit just as much recognition. P-Lo is a familiar figure throughout the Bay Area. The HBK Gang co-founder’s name is littered across the hip-hop industry as a prolific producer. Alongside the aforementioned Kehlani, P-Lo has credits on work from YG, Yo Gotti, and Iamsu! just to name a few. P-Lo has established himself as a hitmaker. However, never one to rest on his laurels, the Pinole native continues to push himself as an artist, recently dropping his solo studio album More Than Anything as evidence of his versatility.

More Than Anything collects 15 tracks that P-Lo describes as coming from real “experiences” and “real places.” In typical fashion, P-Lo recruits various HBK members including Kool John and Iamsu alongside other prominent names such as Rex Life Raj, G-Eazy, and E-40 to help him bring classic Bay sound to the album. Despite being a clear product of the hyphy movement, P-Lo doesn’t let this define his musicality. Songs like “The End” or the titular “More Than Anything” bring a different side of the rapper to light—the more stripped down tracks that see P-Lo solo over the instrumental stand out as new and refreshing. These more meticulously crafted pieces provide nice contrast to the energetic anthems P-Lo has made a name for himself with, and round the album out well.

More Than Anything is showing all the layers I have as a human and artist. I’m a hyphy ball of energy but some people think I’m all slaps – I’m going to show them that I can do more than that.

Produced with the help of Cal-A and Michael Keenan, More Than Anything signals a change in P-Lo’s image. P-Lo is a veteran of the music industry and well-respected on the West Coast. His draw as a producer is evidenced on the album. Songs like “Put Me On Something” show his ability and experience in making hits. More Than Anything goes past this however, demonstrating P-Lo’s willingness to take risks in order to grow as an artist.

P-Lo’s More Than Anything Tour kicked off with a bang and is all set to round up in San Francisco. Catch the tour dates below and stream the full album on soundcloud here.