GrandAce Unveils Debut Music Video, “Own Ventures!”

Following its release back in April, GrandAce hits our pages for the first time with the visuals for “Own Ventures!” Filmed by Ciara Cruder, GrandAce’s debut music video follows him around the streets with a smile on his face. The self-produced track features his witty flow and warm personality as he details inching closer to his dreams, sure to have you vibing along.

GrandAce also shared his insight on the track:

The song really is just me looking at myself and trying to ask what is my purpose and to make myself look at what’s in front of me and keep moving forward versus worrying about what other people have, hence the whole “one step” thing. For a time I was watching the people around me have a ton of success and whatnot, and I was extremely happy for them, but the competitive drive in me also wanted to one up them. In the end it’s really not about all that. I really love this song and I feel that many people can relate to that feeling of lacking growth that can come during a transitioning phase in life. The thing I really want people to take away from it is that they’re probably doing better than they think they are and that we all hit points where we need to re-balance after being stretched too thin. 

Check out the video for “Own Ventures!” below.