T2 Ghetto Hippie Releases Visuals For “Double Cups & Taco Trucks”

Houston’s T2 Ghetto Hippie garnered an impressive amount of attention with the release of his single “Double Cups & Taco Trucks” back in March. The leading single of his upcoming project, the track earned itself a place in NPR’s “All Songs Considered” as well as glowing praise from leading critics. The track spoke of contrasts and balance, finding equilibrium in the often chaotic musical world that has the propensity to eat up young young performers. T2 is not one of these artists. The Houstonian flourishes in the spotlight, putting his nose back down to the grindstone to create a swirling set of visuals to go along with the track.

Regressing into the wilderness, T2’s self-directed video sees him performing the song atop the titular taco truck in front of an odd carnival gathering of masquerade dancers, fire blowers, and other similarly concocted audience members. The visuals entrance and unnerve, gliding from shot to shot with loose focus that conjures the double cup imagery. T2 and his team build on the song’s theme of contrast, painting a picture of a world in delicate balance. The track serves as a reminder to listeners that the things we love most can also be the objects of our downfall. “Double Cups & Taco Trucks” roots us in the basic and important parts of life as anchors for the rest.

T2 continues to build the hype for his upcoming album. Take a look back at the single here and stream the visuals on youtube below.