Jay IDK Premieres “OMW” Alongside Partnership Announcement

Since the beginning of the year, Jay IDK has been hinting at some major moves in 2017. This week, the DMV rapper announced his groundbreaking partnership with Adult Swim that will see him creating visual and lyrical content for the group in the coming year. The partnership is a major sign of Jay’s understanding of the corporate game. If his 2016 project The Empty Bank is anything to go by, Jay understands the necessity of and how to maneuver in the rap scene that is no longer just about rap. Jay, however, won’t let us forget about the musical strength of his game: his announcement was followed up by the release of “OMW,” a track that shows Jay poised delicately on the brink of blowing big.

“OMW” sees Jay hop on top production by Mike Hector with assistance from Nate Fox and Alex Tumay. The big names in the credits of Jay’s track bring the best out of him on the song. IDK leans on a woozy hook pronouncing how close he is to catching his own wave. Fittingly, Jay rides the instrumental with a classic IDK flow before breaking down again into the infectious hook. Jay raps with a new brand of confidence saying he “lives where your dream at,” so close to Mike Dean he could “use a n—a wifi.” From the production of the track to the way Jay presents himself within the bars, IDK seems to know he has what it takes to get the top he is already so close to.

IDK promised to take 2017 and make it his. So far, he hasn’t failed to deliver. Keep an eye on Jay IDK this summer. Stream “OMW” below.