CJ Fly Crafts Red-Tinted Dream In “Dope” Visuals

Pro Era‘s young gun CJ Fly dropped his first studio album Flytrap in December of 2016, providing listeners with a comprehensive illustration of his lyrical ability. The Brooklyn-based rapper spent his younger years freestyling with Joey Bada$$ and several other Pro Era members. While Fly’s songs offer clear points of contact with his fellow Pro Era founding member, his particular craft remains distinct in many ways.

“Dope,” a centerpiece to Fly’s Flytrap, is an exemplar of hedonist rap. Self-directed in collaboration with Anthony Supreme, “Dope” sees CJ finding himself in a eclectic red-light district, rolling up pounds of the titular dope on or around a supporting cast. The overtly explicit video is tinged with red neons reading “GIRLS”; both the eerie lights and the girls they promise mark an unmistakeable presence throughout the visuals. With a joint in hand throughout the entirety of the shoot, its hard to tell if CJ is in his own personal heaven or hell.

CJ Fly commands a certain amount of respect on ability alone, but it is creations like this that really speak for his craft. Watch the (NSFW) visuals for “Dope” on youtube below.