Listen To REO’s Remix Of Anne Dereaux’s Wistful Single “mo[u]rning”

Los Angeles-by-Nashville singer Anne Derueax dropped her sibilant new track “mo(u)rning” earlier this month, impressing listeners with silken vocals over a swelling electronic base. The singer now brings light to the REO remix of her track, offering a stronger EDM base to an already very strong submission from Dereaux.

Dereaux sings of heartbreak and healing, leaning on the “morning” vs. “mourning”  wordplay to produce a bittersweet track looking backwards at love lost and forward at other the future of her romance. The original track underscores her vocals with electronic chords that bring her voice out more as they modify it. REO flip this base, accentuating it with plucked keys and synths that groove with Dereaux’s voice beautifully. The track climbs to a climax before tumbling down over itself in a lyrical cacophony reflective of the track’s themes.

Dereuax has already shown herself ready to take on the world. Her endorsement of the REO remix shows her readiness to see her track take on a life of its own. Stream “mo(u)rning” on Soundcloud below.