TAJII Stuns With “The City”

Reigning from Los Angeles, TAJII, released her first music video for her single, “The City.” Born Tamara Lapinskas, the 22-year-old singer/songwriter of indie electronica R&B wrote, directed, and edited the video herself. TAJII wrote the music and lyrics and collaborated closely with JustUs for the music production. Her slightly husky vocals are perfect for your ears. She is also an independent artist currently writing her first EP, and “The City” tells a dark tale about meeting her first love.

She takes off by starting the video with audio similar to a plane taking flight, as she releases her first music video. The visuals coinciding with her poetic lyrics are entrancing. Her dark beats matched with her vocals echoing herself add complexity. TAJII’s story about her first love showing her color from a black and white world while exposing her to the violence of infatuation is seen with her gray scale frames and skillfully cut visuals timed perfectly to her poetic lyrics. The visual of love dripping out of her mouth as she sings the words displays love being harmful and fulfilling.

Watch the music video below and read the story behind TAJII here.

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