Artist Interview: Meet Blake Showers

I first came across Blake Showers when Father of Awful Records featured his artwork for “Heartthrob.” The Birmingham artist crafts a vibrant and dynamic style, often bringing to life icons from hip-hop, anime, and video games. Blake continues to fill our feeds with his wide array of art, leading to his recent event at Alchemy 213.

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Blake on his work, his 4strikes project with Daniel Williams, and his plans for the future:

Thanks for taking the time for this interview! For starters, please introduce yourself.

Hi! My name is Blake Showers. I am a 24 year old illustrator from Birmingham, AL. I work on a manga with my editor, Daniel Williams, called 4strikes.

How did you get started with art?

I think my first starts with art were from just doodling at home watching cartoons. It was a really fun thing to do and it would help me concentrate. I would draw a lot in elementary school as well and kids would like my work! My mom used to draw a lil in school and stuff and I guess it just got passed on to me [laughs]. When in high school, I was exposed to more mediums and techniques. It was a good time too because the Internet was getting more advanced; if there was something you wanted to learn, you could Google it and all the steps would be there.

What does art mean to you?

Art means a whole lot to me. This is really the only thing I would do even if I didn’t get paid. If I’m having trouble communicating something to people, it was the best way for them to understand me. When school would start and I didn’t know anyone, kids would see me draw and it would break the ice. I was really shy and still get kinda shy in certain situations, but art really helped me break out of my shell. It got me to do some incredible things and connect with some amazing people.

Can you tell us a bit more about 4strikes?

Yes! It’s a idea I been working on for a while! I wanted it to be a traditional superhero story, but then it just didn’t feel right. It’s something I been playing with since late high school. Finally, I redrew some designs—I drew some clothes I thought were cool and went from there! The main character is loosely based on myself as a highschooler. I’ve really always been into scary and spooky stories so I decided to make it that genre.

I was getting further along with it around 2013, but needed help. My friend Daniel Williams, a urban graphic artist from Birmingham, would be there to message about stuff. He was really into anime and music like I was so we would vibe on the same concepts and knew bout the same content really. One day, I asked if he could be co-storywriter and editor for 4strikes and he was down! He has really been a super big help with the whole project in general—whether it’s reviewing panels for the manga, getting me any materials I need, or even making suggestions for story arcs, he has always came through and I’m grateful he’s on the team!

Where did the name come from?

The name really came from the weapon of the main character being a baseball bat. I know in baseball it’s 3 strikes and you’re out the game, but what if you had one more chance to change the outcome? Also, in Japanese culture, how “four” is pronounced sounds like death. “Four” in their culture is kinda like how “13” is in ours. It’s funny because we were making pages already for it and found that out. [Laughs] I was like “This is perfect!”

What else inspired the manga?

Things that inspired the manga are my life as a college student and I would walk alotta places. Night was my favorite and I had a big imagination. I would always be nervous, but excited to be walking around in those late hours. We also use a lot of Japanese folklore in it as well. There is such a rich culture in myths and legends in Japan and it was great source material to read on. Some manga I liked a lot were Dragonball, One Punch Man, TOUGH, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Full Metal Alchemist. Fight scenes were always a thing I wanted this manga to be know for, but also good humor. I also didn’t see alot of POC in manga. This was another thing that inspired 4strikes. A lot of the characters in it are POC or people that don’t get repped in mainstream media.

Where else do you draw inspiration from?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from just music really and thoughts in my head. I love music so much, mostly trap and underground. I like spooky videos on conspiracy theories and urban legends. Also, when I used to paint more, graffiti art would a big influence too! I was more drawn to the character-based graffiti than the letter ones.

Any advice for the aspiring artists out there?

My main advice would be to keep putting stuff out. Like even if you feel like no one cares, just keep it up. I promise it all will work out in the end! Everyone gets their turn and everyone will eventually be on your side and in your favor if you keep putting the work in.

What’s next for you?

My next move is to finish up my character design portfolio for Cartoon Network and hope for the best! I also got alotta pages to finish up for 4strikes aswell!

Major thank you to Blake Showers for the interview! Be sure to check out 4strikes and follow him and Daniel below.

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