T2 Ghetto Hippie Drops Introspective Single Ahead Of Project

Houston’s T2 Ghetto Hippie is yet another artist coming out of Texas promising to put the state on the map. Living in the state’s most populated city, T2 brings us his latest single discussing how to stay grounded in a lethargic ode to the simple things in his life. “Double Cups & Taco Trucks” sees T2 break down into a slower delivery as he builds momentum on the road toward his latest project, earning him a spot in NPR’s “All Songs Considered.”

T2’s single is an ode to the things that anchor him as he continues to delve deeper into the musical world. As his surroundings grow larger and more unfamiliar, the Houstonian looks back towards double cups and taco trucks as a symbol of his humility and origins. T2 breaks it down in a major way; his bars are thoughtful and pointed, and he flows from verse to verse seemingly without pause. This stylistic choice is indicative of T2’s range, representing a notable shift from the flows he brought on previous tracks such as “Hustletown.” “Double Cups & Taco Trucks” has a vibe that is hard to pin down – perhaps reminiscent of a young Chance, but with hallmarks of the ever productive Houston music scene which has shown such support for the young artist.

T2 is yet another exciting young voice in the scene. Keep up with him: stream “Double Cups & Taco Trucks” on Soundcloud below.