KAMAU Opts For Simplistic Approach With “On The Good Good”

As he builds the anticipation for his next full project, KAMAU continues to conduct business in a distinctly KAMAU manner. The rapper’s latest release is a short and straightforward piece. “On The Good Good” bears the trademarks of KAMAU’s infectious style, but abandons the dynamic production that underscores his more polished tracks.

The rapper describes this piece as a “sexay sketch” of things to comes. Laying undulating lyrics over nothing other than his own clapped rhythm and plosive vocals, KAMAU sings and raps an energetic song filled with seductive and imploring invitations to “break it down.” This is exactly what he does, replicating the lighthearted and airy delivery that we have come to associate with him in a daring stand-alone setting.

KAMAU is not afraid of experimentation. “On The Good Good” is yet another example of his musical range. Abandoning the resonant production that he has made a staple of his music, he still manages to lay down honey-laden lyrics over an instrumental made out of just two sounds. KAMAU does it all with a vibrance that conjures images of him in the studio with a smile on his face.

It’s hard not to like KAMAU. At his most simple and experimental, he still manages to create a song worthy of any playlist. Stream “On The Good Good” on Soundcloud below.