EMP Translate “Pink Nights” Into Visuals

Toronto’s trio EMP followed up their most recent track today with a tinted set of visuals. Their third single to date, “Pink Nights” sees the story of a codeine-laced evening unfold in the woozy register that EMP have coined as their own. “Pink Nights” is the also the third video to be released by EMP, who have also dropped visual interpretations of their other two singles, “Rebellion” and “Perfect Timing.”

The video “Pink Nights” follows the three through a late night house party in Toronto, gliding in and out of slow motion with a hazy filter dropped over the shots throughout. EMP are up to no good throughout the video, which is portioned into different narrative lines as the night goes on. The distinctive production of Eestbound coupled with the dreamlike bridges provided by Pree and Milly Manson’s entrancing bars ties the video together in what Highsnobiety describes as a visual representation of EMP “forging their own counterculture…in Toronto’s underground scene.”

EMP continue an excellent run with their latest release. Check out the video for “Pink Nights” on youtube below.