Jay IDK Fires Warning Shots With “Blame My Friends (The Gang)”

Jay IDK hit the ground running in January with his “Famous Freestyle,” a vicious and irresistible statement of intent for 2017. The track sketched out his intentions moving forward, as he shakes off the chains that bound him to anonymity. Jay now continues to issue messages begging the recognition he merits – his latest track “Blame My Friends (The Gang)” rallying his squad as they prepare to take the game by storm.

The argument could be made that Jay never languished in anonymity. The DC native has been a DMV staple since dropping his debut Sex, Drugs, and HomeworkSubtrap and The Empty Bank followed, catapulting him into notoriety as an up-and-comer; Jay has always been a force to be reckoned with, one that flourishes most when overlooked or counted out.

“Blame My Friends” is another example of Jay’s longstanding ability. Repping for his squad, Jay paints a clear difference between a “team” and his “gang,” the people he is taking with him to the top. Jay puts his versatility on display again. Much like his fervent independence with all aspects of his career, Jay takes control of the song, singing the chorus and bodying flows over a reverberating piano instrumental. The beat cuts out at times, leaving Jay to go acapella, driving his lyrics intensely at listeners.

Jay isn’t letting us forget about him this year. We’d all do well to keep an eye on him. Stream “Blame My Friends (The Gang)” on Soundcloud below.