Jimi Tents Picks Up Speed With “Domino Effect”

It’s a good time to be a Jimi Tents fan. On the eve of his 21st birthday, the young gun was poised to drop his second single of the year. It was a fitting gift to his fans – the Brooklynite had continually teased listeners with snippets of the track for the preceding week, previewing what had the chops to become a massive track. Picking up he left off with “Should’ve Called Pt. 2,” Tents delivers came true on his teasers with “Domino Effect.”

The track is laden with everything that has made Jimi a fan favorite over the last few years. Rapping over an instrumental produced by TheVamp, Tents rides the chimes and loose drum breaks, bouncing to a beat that seems almost constructed of his lackadaisical ad-libs. Jimi raps about a world of success, celebration, and women, painting a picture of a dazzling, star-struck future that is not far off for him. Tents leans on his lazy but hard-hitting flow to drive his song, creating a resounding demonstration of his abilities. “Should’ve Called Pt. 2” and “Domino Effect” are both evidence of his capability to make both thoughtful, introspective tracks, as well as bangers that leave listener’s ears ringing.

We can only hope for more snippets of Jimi’s new pieces as he gears up for his second album this spring. Stream “Domino Effect” below.