THEY. Drops Debut Album ‘NÜ Religion: HYENA’

Following the massive success of their NÜ Religion EP, fans have been eagerly awaiting THEY.‘s debut album. no doubt to the steady stream of exceptional singles released building anticipation for the eventual release, culminating in the NÜ Religion: HYENA.

The duo has already made a distinct mark on the scene with their distinct style, blending rhythms from the electric guitar with R&B, hip hop, blending and redefining genre lines. Much like their eclectic blend of genres, THEY.’s album showcases the duo’s incredible diversity while cultivating a unified sound and aesthetic throughout the album. The group showcases one side with the smooth (but never too slow), including tracks like “Silence” and “Back It Up,” while ratcheting up the energy on tracks such as “U Rite” and “Say When.” In each individual song there is always a distinct air of unexpectedness and impossibility that permeates all their work.

If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air in not just hip-hop, but the music scene in general, check out THEY. on their first headlining tour.