Little Simz Breaks It Down On NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

Each week, Little Simz‘s outstanding talent begs more and more recognition. Her growth since the landmark debut of A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons is a fascinating trend; Simz has matured as a person and musician from a dazzling debutante to an experienced and artistically significant performer. Stillness in Wonderland, and all that has come with it, is evidence of this growth, with Simz most recently taking to NPR for a fantastic performance on her Tiny Desk Concert.

Simbi shows off three of the biggest songs off SIW: “Poison Ivy,” “No More Wonderland,” and “Picture Perfect.” The set list is carefully and masterfully selected; amounting to a 10-minute performance, the songs are all crucial axes of the album, and eloquent introductions to Simz’s craft. Backed up by Brooklyn’s Phony Ppl, Simz switches up from her album renditions to slower and more thoughtful covers that glide over their instrumentation.

Simz’s performance is a testament to her natural skills as an entertainer. She looks comfortable and in charge in the spotlight, a feat considering the personal level she takes many of her songs to. Simz sells her performance easily and comfortably. Even as she takes to NPR in front of an audience to show herself off, it’s easy to tell that, at the end of the day, Simz is just another music fan. She is more than happy to share the stage with Phony Ppl, letting them take liberties with her music that many artists would not be comfortable with. Simbi breezes her set with a smile on her face and a positivity that infects the audience.

Revisit Stillness in Wonderland here, and catch Little Simz in a city near you on her latest international tour. Stream her Tiny Desk Concert here.