EMP Drop Anthem To Late Nights

Since releasing their first ever single late last year, trio EMP have enjoyed continued and growing popularity, cementing their place in the ever more vibrant Toronto underground scene. EestboundMilly Manson, and Pree have found a common balance between their considerable musical talents to create a throbbing, eclectic brand of music that saw their debut single break 1 million streams, with their second track well on its way.

The EMP trinity now bring us a third track of the same quality as their previous two. A stellar track that once again sees the three bounce off of and against each other, “Pink Nights” is a swooning ode to a never-ending lean fantasy. Stellar is an appropriate superlative for more than just quality reasons – stylistically Eestbound lays a track that swirls, waxes, and wanes with Manson and Pree’s lyrics. The three create a truly outstanding track that goes through phases of brightness, softness, and a muted melancholy that adds something sickly sweet to the song’s vibe.

With such a talented and versatile group of creators, the sky is the limit for EMP. Stream “Pink Nights” below.