9th Sage Shares “e s c a p a d e s” mix

As a man of many talents, 9th Sage hits our pages for the first time with his “e s c a p a d e s” mix. His latest collection of sounds follows “b e l o v e d,” standing as a reminder to act upon all sources of inspiration to nourish and evolve creativity. Balancing soulful cuts from monte bookerSunni Colón, and Isaiah Rashad alongside rising Bay Area fan favorites like Elujay and Rexx Life Raj, 9th Sage crafts a 35-minute outing filled with sultriness and passion.

9th Sage also shared his inspiration for the mix via email:

“I made this mix inspired by conversations with some really good friends of mine. From these conversations I learned that you shouldn’t sleep on the inspiration you feel in the moment that you feel it. You should feed it and create. Share your gift(s) with the world whenever you feel motivated to do so, and don’t be afraid of doing so. Be confident, be focused and never sleep on the power you possess to inspire others with your passion. You never know who’s inspired by your journey,” – 9th Sage

Stream “e s c a p a d e s” below.