Dumbfoundead & Friends Don Piñatas For “Cochino” Visuals

Returning from a hiatus, Dumbfoundead has kept fans tuned in since dropping We Might Die. The rapper’s first full album since Old Boy Jon in 2013 catapulted him back to the heights at which he previously languished. Largely recognized as one of the most prolific modern Asian American rappers, Dumbfoundead focuses his latest album on problems of identity, belonging, as well being an outcast of the world he has forced himself into.

Dumb’s visuals for “Murals”echo these themes, giving us a glimpse into his side of LA’s Koreatown. The K-Town man brought a different side of his hometown into the limelight with his most recent release of visuals for “Cochino.” DFD is joined by producer Getter and Bay Area legend Too $hort in a crazy, hedonistic video for one of the most popular tracks off We Might Die. The video sees the three swagger around an out-of-focus party in personalized piñata heads. Dumb laces viewers with an eclectic set of visuals reflective of the banger they represent.

The momentum that We Might Die gave Dumbfoundead in 2016 has carried over into the New Year. A few shows into a national tour culminating this month, Dumb has set himself up for a big 2017. Revist We Might Die here, and check out the visuals for “Cochino” below.