Oddisee Asks Why With “Like Really”

Oddisee has perennially been a major player on the more mindful side of the rap game. Born in Maryland, the Mello Music Group rapper’s discography  is immense and impressive. 2015’s The Good Fight bounced from theme to theme, touching on love, positivity, belonging and more, inspiring and captivating audiences.

Oddisee’s infectious energy and refreshing standpoint are made more effective by his ability to wrap acutely aware message in attractive hooks, bars, and melodies. After a two year wait, Oddisee is set bring his considerable talents his latest studio album, The Iceberg, dropping on February 24. The album looks to pick up the reigns where The Good Fight left off, and based on the two singles Oddisee has shared, will be reach if not exceed the heights that the previous tape hit.

The latest track from the Maryland man, “Like Really,” introduces the prolific emcee over a dreamy guitar instrumental that sways in and out of focus. Oddisee runs the soulful track, questioning the state of the world in his incredulous first verse. The D.C. native has never shied away from the political, and in a time as muddled as now he manages to pick exactly the right tone for his critical commentary. His second verse is a look into the mirror, as he examines what it means to be a modern artist, and how he is perceived as an artist.

Oddisee is veteran to the game, and has managed cultivated a unique and distinctive sound. However, each new song is a different animal with its own strengths and idiosyncrasies; “Like Really” is no different. Stream the track on Soundcloud below.