Kakuyon Begins 2017 With Debut Album

Though he is far from a household name, Kakuyon is also far from a rookie in the industry. The rapper/producer has been in and about the East Coast music scene quite a bit over the recent years, garnishing his resume with impressive work, including producer credits on Shotta Spence‘s 2016 album Upfall.

Kakuyon’s production on Upfall was stellar, taking the reigns on “Throne,” “All The Wrong Things,” and “Sheeboh Interlude.” The triad of tracks see him employ his talented production that leans heavily on extended bass lines with ethereal horns, keys, and much more. The result is an unnerving and unforgettable sound that brought the best out of Spence on Upfall.

Kakuyon brings more to the table than just his production, proving himself more than capable of being the focal point of the track on his recently debuted first album Now Go And Flourish. Joining ranks with LiftOFF2AM, and Kevthewiz in production of the album, Kakuyon lays down a diverse 11 track album that goes a long way to showcase his musical ability. Throughout the course of the album Kakuyon raps and sings about love, loss, progression, regression, and more. At times he sinks into the instrumental, becoming one with the dreamy tones, waxing poetic and introspective on songs like “Leverage” or “I See Ya.” Just as easily as he blends with the track he can rise above the line – “Free Love” and “Perfect” let Kakuyon speak clearly and directly.

Kakuyon recruits Sabang and Seph Pierre on “Troubled Water,” trading bars over a wonderfully eclectic instrumental from LiftOFF. The two return and are joined by Shotta Spence on the “Trough/Crest” interlude, creating a dynamic team, bouncing bars off the sometimes slow and jazzy, sometimes chaotic and bass-heavy instrumental. Spence appears once more on the album, teaming up with Kakuyon on his dancehall reminiscent song “Sunny Soon.”

Now Go And Flourish is a project of contrasts. Relentless bars turn to crooned melodies in an instant. The instrumentals change tempos and tones, ebbing and flowing with Kakuyon’s inflections. For a debut project, Now Go And Flourish is a polished and eloquent demonstration of Kakuyon’s musical identity. He has an undefined talent that is both raw and very cultivated.

Kakuyon’s superb project is a stronger start to 2017 than he could have dreamed. Stream Now Go And Flourish in it’s entirety below.