Chance The Rapper & Noname Share The Stage On Saturday Night Live

Last Saturday, Saturday Night Live (SNL) invited Chance the Rapper as their musical guest. SNL is an almost historic comedy night where comedians and guests perform skits live on television as they read their jokes from cue cards and perform these scenes for the first time. At the end and in between skits, a musical guest performs. In the recent past, they’ve invited The XXA Tribe Called Quest, and Kanye West. Chance is the most successful independent artist out there: breaking all the rules, preserving his creative production, denying every label’s offer (as artistically expressed in radio hit, “No Problem”), performing his unapologetic art, and supporting other artists through features, collaborations, and shared performances.

Once Casey Affleck introduces Chance, he brings all his energy to the tube with his red overalls and iconic “3” cap. With Christmas around the corner, Chance chooses to perform “Finish Line/Drown” and even comments how much he loves being able to say “Jesus” on network television. This comment identifies how others are unable to freely praise their religious savior on network television. Then Chance surprises us by bringing Noname to the stage. Noname is an astounding poetic rapper, dropping mics from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. She is featured on many of Chance’s songs, as a fellow talent from the same hometown, and I absolutely adore her. Seeing her on television brought tears to my eyes as I saw an up-and-coming artist get national, broadcasted love. It is never easy to make it in any line of work, but music is more than work. It is your rawest self being put on display for others to tear apart, re-interpret, and judge.

As I simp about how beautiful it was for Chance to invite Noname, watch the SNL performance below and make sure you listen to Noname’s debut mixtape, Telefone and Chance’s latest mixtape, Coloring Book.

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