L’Orange Drops Off ‘Koala EP’

With a full album already under his belt in 2016, L’Orange looked set to fill his impressive once yearly quota per project, a standard which he has held himself to since the release of the timeless Old Soul project in 2011. L’Orange joined forces with Boston’s Mr. Lif on October’s The Life and Death of Scenery to create a superb project that presented a uniquely framed commentary on art and music culture.

The North Carolinian is not the typical producer. While his name is littered across the production credits for countless prolific emcees, both in and out of the Mello Music Group, his talent lies in his ability to create music that is capable of standing by itself. The self-proclaimed lover of film noir ties narrative in and out of the samples he uses, relying on jazz changes and boom bap influences. The result is highly conceptual projects that revolve around a number of themes and carry intimate connections with the artist.

L’Orange added another gem to his already impressive discography with his seven-song Koala EP. A “tribute to love and love lost,” Koala EP weaves pitched female vocals, fluctuating in clarity from lucid tones to barely audible murmurs. Koala is a project that is hauntingly hollow. L’Orange employs a variety of instruments from plucked strings to jazzy piano as in a manner only he can. The echoing vocals emphasize the solitude the project revolves around, but are simultaneously contrasted with warmer tones in the instrumental  to remind us that “we are not alone.”

Stream and download the album for free on bandcamp here.