Little Simz Builds Momentum In Preparation For New Album

England’s maverick independent star Little Simz has long been a favorite in the UK scene. The release of her AIM-recognized best independent album, A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons, garnered her international attention, which she compounded upon with the release of her second project of 2015, Age 101: Drop X. Simbi’s 2015 projects saw her collaborate with artists such as Mick JenkinsTilla ArceJosh Arce, and fellow member of her independent label, Chuck20. Both showcase her considerable talent and range, from her classic upbeat delivery to slower, more introspective pieces.

Simz’s second full studio album, Stillness in Wonderland is scheduled for release on this coming Friday, December 16. The album is topping the charts before even hitting shelves; after teasing the project with her single “Poison Ivy,” SIW has shot up to the number one most pre-ordered album in the UK.

Simz didn’t stop with “Poison Ivy,” however, bringing us more heat in the form of a second single, “Picture Perfect.” Where the slower, more emotional tone of “Poison Ivy” was a departure from Simz’s normal cadence, “Picture Perfect” sees Simz return to a more familiar flow. The breakneck speed and and complex rhyme patterns that have long characterized Simbi’s music find a groove over a crazy jazz-funk beat from producer Rascal. The song is just as potent as “Poison Ivy,” and equally as raw in different ways.

It’s been a while since Simz dropped a new project, and in the last year she seems to have picked up a lot from the talented musicians she has surrounded herself with. The hallmarks of her music remain; regardless of how different the two tracks off SIW are, she seems to have found her sweet spot, and sounds more comfortable than ever. Get ready for Stillness in Wonderland. Stream “Picture Perfect” below, and pre-order SIW on iTunes here.