Michael Akhari // ‘Baby Pink’ (Stream)

Michael Ahkari is blessing our timelines with his debut project, Baby Pink. His seven-track offering guides listeners on a mellow journey with filled with sultry synths, crisp percussion, and an overall infectious energy. Topped off with vocal samples from the likes of DrakeSZA, and Janet Jackson, Michael immerses listeners in a fleeting atmosphere fit for those evening drives.

Michael also shared a few words about Baby Pink and the creative process behind the project:

“I’m 18. I’ve been producing since 14, dropped some tracks on Soundcloud here and there, but Baby Pink is my first actual project. To be honest with you, a lot of these tracks were beats that I made on accident. Quite a few of these tracks stemmed from beats I was in the middle of working on and I would hit a key and it just happened to sound dope, so I built on those accidents.

I made a few of these tracks during the last few months of high school, but the actual idea to put out a project didn’t come about until the summer. This whole summer’s goal was to create enough quality tracks to put out a project. I also got to experiment a little bit too like playing live guitar on ‘Forever n’ Always’ and trying to play a keyboard solo on ‘Strawberry Syrup.’

Before putting out the project, a lot of tracks I had online were ‘darker’ tracks, so this was a bit of an assessment of my skills as a producer. Most of these tracks are upbeat and happy, and it eventually became the new sound I started going for and exploring. I plan on putting out another project, ‘Baby Blue,’ that goes way harder than this project.”

Stream Baby Pink below.