BreezePark Share Triumphant “Paradise” Featuring Zara Bash

Nearly a year ago, I was introduced to supergroup BreezePark—composed of CMRNPRKRPLAYTy Safari, and Rye—with their Strangers EP. The twelve-track offering highlights each of their talents, making for one hell of a debut. Since then, PLAY and Ty have held us down with a string of singles and their own solo projects, leading to the return of BreezePark with “Paradise.”

Their latest cut showcases an evolution and refinement of their sound, bringing close collaborator Zara Bash (formerly DAZE) along for an upbeat ride. Flickering plucks and synths from Cambo and Lou Koo builds a bouncy foundation for each of their catchy verses to create a refreshing tune to kick off the weekend. Keep a close eye for more from BreezePark and Zara Bash on the horizon.


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