Watch Daye Jack’s Trippy Visuals For “Deep End”

[Cover image shot by Diane Abapo]

Ever since I heard “Hello World” a few years ago, I’ve been captivated by Daye Jack‘s unique blend of sounds and influences. Daye has since released two more projects, Soul Glitch and Surf The Web, and is currently on tour with Watsky.

One of the latest set of visuals from Surf The Web features the funk-driven “Deep End,” following Daye around a house party and at the poolside. Trippy start-and-stop motions find their way into the mix between scenes to bring the track to life. Daye plays with the idea of being surrounded by a flurry of events and trying to sift through it all, flexing his refined falsetto.

Check out the video below and stay tuned for more from Daye Jack.