Jimi Tents & Jay Bel Reveal Sequel To First Collaborative Project

The SleeperCamp Collective hasn’t been doing much sleeping lately. Featuring prominent Brooklyn artists such as Jimi Tents, Jay Bel, Sed, and CHEEF, the Camp is all about collaboration. They feed off each other’s energy, offering their own personal skill set in order to create a super talented and well-rounded group. October saw the Sleepercamp crew up the ante, promoting the Sleepercampaign with a show and series of singles from Sed, Bel, and Tents. To cap it off, Tents and Bel confirmed the release of their second collaborative mixtape, Sex, You Can Dance Two (SYCD2). 

Jimi Tents and Jay Bel’s promised sequel to Sex, You Can Dance Too (SYCDT) has finally landed. Tents and Bel linked up on SYCDT back in 2014, rapping about the nuances of love and life. The EP contrasted lighthearted interludes with thoughtful lyrics, underscored by Tents and Bel’s gravely, deliberate deliveries.

Sex, You Can Dance Two plays on these same themes. With a name that echoes its predecessor, SYCD2 plays off of Tents and Bel’s first album, drawing on it as reference point for the duo’s growth as artists. Both have experienced a significant amount of growth since 2014, releasing debut solo projects that garnered them praise and attention as exciting new voices in the hip-hop scene. Looking back, SYCD2 is much more introspective. Tents and Bel do away with the standard hallmarks of success in the genre – women, money, and status. Much like in their meandering Valentines Day journey of SYCDT, neither Bel nor Tents end up where they expect by the end of the tape. A failed party pushes Tents and Bel away from the scene and towards other, more personal endeavors.

Sex, You Can Dance Two is startlingly real. Tents and Bel put themselves under microscope as artists and as people. The duo strip away the music to its most basic at times; even with stellar production from frequent collaborators such as MARZBOYGENIUS and Sed, as well as talented additions made by Donnie Trumpet and Marco McKinnis, the focus is on Jimi and Jay. In SYCDT, the style of the tape was made by the contrasts between their respective styles. SYCD2 is different. Tents and Bel bounce off of each other, intertwining their voices dexterously.

Since Sex, You Can Dance Too, we have grown accustomed to this level of quality from the SleeperCamp boys. Holding such young artists to such a constant level of quality seems unfair, but they have never failed to deliver. Sex, You Can Dance Two is no different. Though it bears the name and look of its precursor, it couldn’t be more different. Disco Jim and Groovy Jay are back at it, and once again excite us of the prospect of their future. While the possible iterations of “too” dampen the possibility of another “Sex, You Can Dance” mixtape, the duo from the SleeperCamp aren’t going anywhere soon. Stream Sex, You Can Dance Two below, and enjoy it while it’s fresh.

Standout Tracks:

  • Pastor’s Daughter (ft. Donnie Trumpet)
  • Wassup?
  • Price Tag