Rayana Jay Shares New EP, ‘Sorry About Last Night’

When I started Waffle & Vibes, Rayana Jay was one of the first Bay Area talents I was introduced to. At the time the Richmond crooner had just reeled in listeners with her 21 EP, featuring fan favorites like “Coffee.” Rayana has since kept the momentum going with shows around the Bay, including performances at the YK La Familia Sadie Hawkins and this year’s revamped Oakland Music Festival.

Featuring two Mikos Da Gawd-produced singles, “Sleepy Brown” and “Nothin To Talk About,” Rayana has unveiled her latest project, Sorry About Last Night. The EP explores her experiences with love, heartbreak, and every relationship in-between, channeled through smoky vocals, unbound sultriness, and echoing production from the likes of 1-O.A.K.Drew Banga, and Jamal Jellyfish. Following his Jentrify debut, Elujay also makes an appearance on “Bad Decisions” to round out the collection.

Stream Sorry About Last Night below and grab your copy via iTunes.

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