Khalid Wows Again With “Hopeless”

El Paso’s resident crooner Khalid is widely touted as one of R&B’s most exciting newcomers. A soulful and self-aware voice, the 19-year-old blends classic R&B tropes with dreamy synth heavy production. The result is a hypnotizing, unique sound that many are happily familiarizing themselves with. The success of previous singles “Let’s Go” and “Location” are building blocks for Khalid, who recently added a new track to his repertoire.

“Hopeless” is more evidence of Khalid’s growing confidence and maturity. Singing with a tenor and emotion uncanny of the typical teenager, he touches on unrequited love and the nuances of romance. Khalid takes a bit of a different angle than usual in “Hopeless,” stripping his vocals down to their most simple and letting the lyrics and instrumental do the talking.

With each new song the Texan sounds more comfortable on the mic, and bares a little bit more of himself to the listener. Khalid seems to be stockpiling singles, letting us feel him out a bit more before an inevitable debut project. We can’t wait to get to know Khalid better. Stream “Hopeless” on Soundcloud below.