Sleepercamp Collective Announces Sequel To ‘Sex, You Can Dance Too’

2014 saw Jay Bel and Jimi Tents link up on Sex, You Can Dance Too, a groovy EP that drew the attention of many to the Brooklyn artists for the first time. Since the release of SYCDT, Bel and Tents have refined their styles, dropped debut solo projects, and grown immensely as artists and performers. Still united under within the Sleepercamp collective, a group of New York artists including Sed and LuckyLonji, the two have been hinting toward reuniting for a new EP, recently linking up with Sed to promote the SLPR-campaign.

Bel, Tents, and Sleepercamp have finally confirmed the sequel aptly named Sex, You Can Dance Two. The EP will see Disco Jim and Groovy Jay collaborate, and is set to drop next Friday, November 4th. In typical fashion, the EP was announced with a catchy promo video, featuring Jimi, Jay, and some dope visuals. If this upcoming EP follows the model of Sex, You Can Dance Too, Jimi and Jay could have some serious heat coming. Check out the promo video below, and stream 2014’s Sex, You Can Dance Too on Soundcloud.