MIKNNA Continues Hit Streak With “302”

Despite only having previously released two songs and one set of visuals, LA’s collective MIKNNA have managed to cultivate a standard of quality far greater than one would expect from such a fresh duo. Rapper Mike B. and producer Ken Nana generated some serious buzz after their releases of “Ness” and “Trinity Ave,” the former recently followed by a stellar set of visuals. Both songs are incredibly smooth, blending Ken’s talent in production with Mike’s dreamy vocals. The result is a trailblazing definition of the new wave of R&B that has had us putting each track on repeat for months.

Today, MIKNNA gave us a new song to add to the rotation. “302” typifies the duo. The track starts with plucked synths and a woman speaking in French, but quickly swells into a bouncy track that hits the listener like a wave. Ken’s exceptional and unique production lets Mike lean into the track and ride, singing and rapping in English and French. His chorus “I’ve been on you” weaves in and out of the verses, underlined by the pitched vocals of Nana’s instrumental. “302” seemingly never stops building up until it suddenly it starts to fade out, and the song ends before it feels like it even started.

While as an R&B duo Mike and Ken are newcomers, their experience as solo artists shows through. The two seem incredibly comfortable together, and know what works between them. Mike has proven himself very capable of making the stylistic change from rap to a more R&B tone, but still manages to showcase his bars in the songs. Ken likewise has slightly revamped his style, but still furnishes instrumentals that are just as capable to work in tandem with Mike’s vocals as they could be as a solo track.

With their debut project, 50/50 (Seasons), dropping soon, MIKNNA are a very exciting prospect to the LA and greater music scene. Stream on Soundcloud “302” below.